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  • When the voice of your friend or the page of your book sinks into democratic equality with the pattern of the wallpaper, the feel of your clothes, your memory of last night, and the noises from the road, you are falling asleep. The highly selective consciousness enjoyed by fully alert men, with all its builded sentiments and consecrated ideals, has as much to be called real as the drowsy chaos, and more.

    Dream   Memories   Real  
    C.S. Lewis (2005). “A Preface to Paradise Lost”, p.130, Atlantic Publishers & Dist
  • ...Listen to your own thoughts and feelings very carefully, be aware of your observations, and learn to value them. When you're a teenager—and even when you're older—lots of people will try to tell you what to think and feel. Try to stand still inside all of that and hear your own voice. It's yours and only yours, it's unique and worth of your attention, and if you cultivate it properly, it might just make you a writer.

  • Our minds are susceptible to the influence of external voices telling us what we require to be satisfied, voices that may drown out the faint sounds emitted by our souls and distract us from the careful, arduous task of accurately naming our priorities.

    Voice   Priorities   Soul  
    Alain De Botton (2008). “Status Anxiety”, p.190, Vintage
  • I want to tell you,' the voice on the phone said. 'My head is filled with things to say.' ... 'I don't mind,' Hal said softly. 'I could wait forever.' 'That's what you think,' the voice said. The connection was cut.

    David Foster Wallace (2011). “Infinite Jest”, p.32, Hachette UK
  • To touch on people's lives [ in a way they ] haven't been touched on before, it´s fascianting. You know, it's one thing if [ a celebrity ] has an incredible character and you're really going to be able to delve into their personality – that's great. But you can never get real purity if people have been spoiled by the camera and don't trust you. I like feeling that I'm able to be a voice for those people who aren't famous, the people that don't have the great opportunities.

  • There's something wrong with the brakes." He didn't recognize his shaky, weak voice. He pumped them again. Nothing. "There's something wrong with the BRAKES?" "I don't think we have any." "We don't have any BRAKES?" "Bro, it doesn't help to repeat everything I say!" Jonah yelled.

  • Gabriel's voice can reach me anywhere. Even in a hurricane.

    Lauren DeStefano (2011). “Wither”, p.184, Simon and Schuster
  • [Carrie Fisher] could talk about issues that very few people could. She could make her bipolar disorder both real and entertaining. Carrie deserves a lot of credit for giving voice to traumas that few people feel comfortable talking about.

    Real   Talking   Voice  
    Source: www.sfgate.com
  • [T]he people of Iraq have spoken to the world, and the world is hearing the voice of freedom from the center of the Middle East.

    Iraq   Voice   People  
  • Ah, there’s the governess voice. All stern and disapproving. It makes me feel like a naughty schoolboy.

    Naughty   Voice   Feels  
    Lisa Kleypas (2010). “Married by Morning”, p.31, St. Martin's Press
  • The better a singer's voice, the harder it is to believe what they're saying.

    Believe   Voice   Singers  
  • My glowing form was so heavy, its feet sank into the top of the tank. “Sekhmet!” I yelled. The lioness whirled and snarled, trying to locate my voice. “Up here, kitty!” I called. She spotted me and her ears went back. “Horus?” ‘Unless you know another guy with a falcon head.

    Glowing   Voice   Feet  
    Rick Riordan (2013). “The Kane Chronicles: The Complete Series”, p.315, Penguin UK
  • You learn to rely on a few basic movements and use your voice to the greatest extent possible to convey your emotions. So there was a technical challenge there and a responsibility to create a character from behind the mask.

  • There is a book into which some of us are happily led to look, and to look again, and never tire of looking. It is the Book of Man. You may open that book whenever and wherever you find another human voice to answer yours, and another human hand to take in your own.

    Book   Men   Hands  
  • To me, the appeal of opera lies in the fact that a myriad of singers and instruments, each possessed of different qualities of voice and sound, against the backdrop of a grand stage and beautiful costumes, come together in one complete and impressive drama.

    Beautiful   Drama   Lying  
    Junichiro Koizumi (2003). “Japan and ASEAN in East Asia: A Sincere and Open Partnership”, p.13, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
  • I'll never run for office. But I intend, either on the fiscal commission or on issues like immigration, to hopefully have my voice be heard.

    Running   Voice   Issues  
  • Perceiving your own voice means perceiving your true self or nature. When you and the sound become one, you dont hear the sound; you are the sound.

    Mean   Self   Voice  
  • Jazz stands for freedom. It's supposed to be the voice of freedom: Get out there and improvise, and take chances, and don't be a perfectionist - leave that to the classical musicians.

    Voice   Musician   Chance  
  • I try to take what voice I have and I give it to those who don’t have one at all.

    Voice   Giving   Trying  
  • There's a thing that has happened in the U.S. where the spirit has been beaten so badly and so you feel no unity in the voice of the country.

    Country   Voice   Unity  
  • Conscience is the inner voice which warns us that someone might be looking. Hear and you forget, see and you remember, do and you understand.

    Voice   Might   Remember  
  • In this land of unlimited opportunity, a place where, to paraphrase Woody Allen, any man or woman can realize greatness as a patient or as a doctor, we have only one commercial American filmmaker who consistently speaks with his own voice. That is Woody Allen, gag writer, musician, humorist, philosopher, playwright, stand-up comic, film star, film writer and film director.

    The New York Times, July 17, 1983.
  • Every modulated sound is not a song, and every voice that executes a beautiful air does not sing. Singing should enchant. But to produce this effect there must be a quality of soul and voice which is by no means common even with great singers.

    Beautiful   Song   Mean  
    Joseph Joubert (1896). “Pensées of Joubert”
  • But there were too many points at which the other self could invade the self he wanted to preserve, and there were too many forms of invasion: certain words, sounds, lights, actions his hands or feet performed, and if he did nothing at all, heard and saw nothing, the shouting of some triumphant inner voice that shocked him and cowed him.

    Light   Self   Hands  
    Patricia Highsmith (2001). “Strangers on a Train”, p.190, W. W. Norton & Company
  • The individuals inside are frequently fighting that their individual voices be heard, while the walls of the place, which are the mask, and the perception, are reluctant to give over to the voices of the individuals. Those in the margins are always trying to get to the center, and those at the center, frequently in the name of tradition, are trying to keep the margins at a distance. Part of the identity of a place is the tension between those in the margins, and those in the center, and they all live behind the walls which wear the tradition.

  • I do feel like I owe something, but not to the industry. When you say "industry," I think of a group of people who don't really care much about you and treat you as a commodity. So, in that regard, I don't feel like I owe anything. But the people who've always been supportive of me and have always seen me for my greatest potential-those are the people who I feel like I owe something to. I feel like I am their voice. I owe it them to represent them in a way that they can be proud of.

    Thinking   Voice   People  
  • Along the way, I've had different advice from different music producers. I've been told to tone it down, that the quiet parts of my voice are appealing and there's harshness to the loud part of my voice.

  • Amaryllis in Blueberry is a rich, evocative story about an unusual family that will sweep readers away to another place and time. Amaryllis's voice is a spellbinding and unique blend of naivet and wisdom. A perfect melding of family saga, murder mystery and a meditation on faith, loyalty and love, this novel will both haunt and entertain you.

    Loyalty   Unique   Voice  
  • Rumour doth double, like the voice and echo, The numbers of the feared.

    Echoes   Voice   Numbers  
    William Shakespeare (1833). “The plays and poems of William Shakspeare”, p.398
  • I'd better get going or Valek will be wondering where I am." "Yes, by all means go. I noticed you and Valek have become close. Tell him, for me, not to kill anybody, will you?" Sarcasm rendered Rand's voice sharp. I lost control and slammed the oven door shut. It echoed in the quiet kitchen. "At least Valek has the decency to inform me when he's poisoning me.

    Mean   Sarcasm   Doors  
    Maria V. Snyder (2012). “Poison Study”, p.209, Harlequin
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