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  • It's an absolute myth that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Of course it doesn't.

    Wise   Men   Healthy  
    Interview with David Wolinsky, film.avclub.com. June 5, 2008.
  • Not that that's my goal, but when you're very wealthy and very famous, you can have a lot more decisions in what you do. You have a lot more opportunity. You can maybe even not work for a few years. It puts you in a great position to make some decisions. You're not always taking every job that comes and that kind of thing.

    Source: www.avclub.com
  • The developing world voice can be amplified enormously by support from the wealthy and the privileged, otherwise it's very likely to be marginalized.

    Voice   Support   World  
    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • European and American companies companies do create jobs for some people but what they're mainly going to do is make an already wealthy elite wealthier, and increase its greed and strong desire to hang on to power. So immediately and in the long run, these companies - harm the democratic process a great deal.

    Running   Strong   Jobs  
  • Assume that a surgeon has discovered how to do brain surgery, that he can do only one a month, that 1,000 persons a year need such an operation if they are to survive. How is the surgeon's scarce resource to be allocated? Charge whatever price is necessary to adjust supply and demand, say $50,000! 'For shame,' some will cry. 'Your market system will save only wealthy people.' For the moment, yes. But soon there will be hundreds of surgeons who will acquire the same skill; and, as in the case of the once scarce and expensive 'miracle drugs,' the price then will be within reach of all.

    Years   Skills   People  
  • I feel that rich women are soft targets.... There's a lot of legitimate resentment and anger about inequality in our culture, about money... I feel like a lot of the anger about income disparity is aimed not at wealthy men, but at wealthy women.

    Men   Culture   Rich  
    Source: www.glamour.com
  • Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it's open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.

    Dave Barry (1985). “Dave Barry's Stay Fit and Healthy Until You're Dead”, p.32, Rodale
  • ...those who are guilty of such sweeping criticisms [of the rich] do not know how many people would be made poor, and how much sufering would result, if wealthy people were to part all at once with any large proportion of their wealth in a way to disorganize and cripple great business enterprises.

    Frederick Douglass, Solomon Northup, Willie Lynch, Nat Turner, Sojourner Truth (2017). “100$ REWARD ON MY HEAD – Powerful & Unflinching Memoirs Of Former Slaves: 28 Narratives in One Volume: With Hundreds of Documented Testimonies & True Life Stories: Memoirs of Frederick Douglass, Underground Railroad, 12 Years a Slave, Incidents in Life of a Slave Girl, Narrative of Sojourner Truth...”, p.1065, e-artnow
  • Republicans favor tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, but these had no stimulative effect during the George W. Bush administration, and there is no reason to believe that more of them will have any today. As for the idea that cutting regulations will lead to significant job growth, it's just nonsense. It's just made up.

    Jobs   Believe   Cutting  
    "Studies challenge wisdom of GOP candidates' plans". www.washingtonpost.com. October 30, 2011.
  • President [Barack] Obama's staking his reelection hopes on rebuilding America's middle class. He wants higher taxes on the wealthy, tougher rules on Wall Street, and everyone else to get a fair shot to succeed. Republicans can cry "class warfare" if they want, but as the president put it today, it's about this country's welfare.

    Country   Wall   Class  
    Source: www.nbcnews.com
  • If you want to be financially-free, you need to become a different person than you are today and let go of whatever has held you back in the past.

    FaceBook post by Robert Kiyosaki from Nov 19, 2012
  • The press of this countrty is now and always has been so thoroughly dominated by the wealthy few of the country that it cannot be depended upon to give the great mass of the people the correct information concerning political, economical, and social subjects which it is necessary that the mass of people shall have, in order that they shall vote and in all ways act in the best way to protect themselves from the brutal force and chicanery of the ruling and employing class.

    Country   Order   Class  
  • Never before in our country's history has a generation been so empowered, so wealthy, so privileged - and yet so empty.

    Ben Shapiro (2013). “Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future”, p.13, Regnery Publishing
  • However, unlike some of my friends and students, I don't think it's a laughing matter. I think it is frightening to see what outrageous stories can be told in the United States and then are accepted by many educated people and academics as facts. Movies get awards, books become best sellers, heroes are made, and people become wealthy as a result of dishonest caricatures of Iranian people and society.

    Hero   Book   Thinking  
    Source: www.guernicamag.com
  • The Supreme Court raises the question, what kind of country will we be? The Supreme Court needs to stand on the side of the American people, not on the side of the powerful, wealthy.

    Source: www.patheos.com
  • I think people everywhere have a very dismaying feeling that politics are going over their heads, are being decided by wealthy interests that don't take them into consideration. And are bending the legislative process in their own behalf.

    Source: www.pbs.org
  • Amazons Jeff Bezos, Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs did not start out wealthy, and actually added to income inequality, but we all benefit from their creative effort.

  • Women have to make a living. We don't live in a wealthy world where we even have a choice. We're losing our choice of whether or not we need to work. If we want to work, we obviously should work and have that choice, but a lot of women can't even get to the word "want." They need to work. And it's great to see women who needed to work and found a way to become a firefighter or a steel worker. That, to me, is very exciting.

    Source: collider.com
  • In this country your guilty until proven wealthy.

  • I guess it really is just me, myself and all my millions.

    Song: Headlines, Album: Take Care, 2011
  • Wealthy people have not disappeared, they are just not so willing to show off their wealth.

    People   Wealth   Shows  
  • Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul.

    Song: Travelin' Man, Album: Beautiful Loser, 1975
  • The very flexibility and ease which make men's friendships so agreeable while they endure, make them the easier to destroy and forget. And a man who has a few friends, or one who has a dozen (if there be any one so wealthy on this earth), cannot forget on how precarious a base his happiness reposes; and how by a stroke or two of fate --a death, a few light words, a piece of stamped paper, a woman's bright eyes --he may be left, in a month, destitute of all.

    Friends   Eye   Fate  
    Robert Louis Stevenson (2014). “Memories, Portraits, Essays and Records (Annotated Edition)”, p.566, Jazzybee Verlag
  • Change is not in the hands of government, not in the hands of a leader or guru, and not in the hands of the powerful or wealthy. It is in our hands: the hands of each and every one of us.

  • For decades the G.O.P. has won elections by appealing to social and racial divisions, only to turn after each victory to deregulation and tax cuts for the wealthy — a process that reached its epitome when George W. Bush won re-election by posing as America's defender against gay married terrorists, then announced that he had a mandate to privatize Social Security.

    Cutting   Gay   America  
    "Severe Conservative Syndrome". www.nytimes.com. February 12, 2012.
  • Cutting taxes is not bad. But if you cut taxes on the wealthy, which is what they wanted to do, you're not helping people who need better schools and better infrastructure and healthcare. You're basically robbing the middle class and the poor to provide tax cuts to the rich.

    School   Cutting   Class  
    "American Experience", www.pbs.org.
  • The life in Italy is the life of a wealthy country: consumptions haven't diminished, it's hard to find seats on planes, our restaurants are full of people.

    News conference after the G20 summit in Cannes, November 3-4, 2011.
  • Fix yourself upon the wealthy. In a word, take this for a golden rule through life: Never, never have a friend that is poorer than yourself.

    Douglas William Jerrold (1842). “Bubbles of the Day: a comedy. [In five acts and in prose.]”, p.33
  • Many years ago, I contracted an intimacy with a Mr. William Legrand. He was of an ancient Huguenot family, and had once been wealthy; but a series of misfortunes had reduced him to want.

    Book   Years   Want  
    Edgar Allan Poe (1927). “Tales by Edgar Allan Poe”, p.147, Dimitrios Spyridon Chytiris
  • There never has yet existed a wealthy and civilized society in which one portion of the community did not, in point of fact, live on the labor of the other.

    John C. Calhoun “The Works of John C. Calhoun Volume 2”, Jazzybee Verlag
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