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  • I think we're yearning for something beyond the every day. And I will tell you that I don't believe in the supernatural, I believe in the supernormal. To me there is nothing that goes against nature. If it seems incomprehensible, it's because we haven't been able to understand it yet.

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  • The best antidote I have found is to yearn for something. As long as you yearn, you can't congeal: There is a forward motion to yearning.

    Gail Godwin (1985). “The finishing school”, Viking Pr
  • My dad used to draw these great cartoon figures. His dream was being a cartoonist, but he never achieved it, and it kind of broke my heart. I think part of my interest in art had to do with his yearning for something he could never have.

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  • A happy life is one spent in learning, earning, and yearning.

    Lillian Gish (1969). “The Movies, Mr. Grifith, and Me”
  • The world does not have a voice of its own. It can't tell you what it wants, what it needs. But it's yearning for something to point it in the right direction. A savior, perhaps. Save us, Chris! You must forgive me. Where have my manners gone. I don't think I've had a chance to formerly introduce myself. You may call me Bray Wyatt. But I have a thousand faces and a million names. Seducer, accuser, destroyer. I am the color red in a world full of black and white, and if you value your ability to breathe, don't get too close. Save us, Chris. Save yourself.

  • To die of yearning for something you will never experience

  • To some extent, this urge to break out of the ordinary is present in every generation. Part of being young is desiring something beyond everyday life and a secure job, a yearning for something really truly greater. Is this simply an empty dream that fades away as we become older? No! Men and women were created for something great, for infinity. Nothing else will ever be enough.

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  • I like the sea: we understand one another. It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have; and so am I.

  • The acute experience of great beauty readily evokes a nameless yearning for something more than earth can offer. Elegant splendor reawakens our spirit's aching need for the infinite, a hunger for more than matter can provide.

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    Thomas Dubay (1999). “The Evidential Power of Beauty: Science and Theology Meet”, p.56, Ignatius Press
  • There is not a heart but has its moments of longing, yearning for something better; nobler; holier than it knows now.

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    "Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers". Book by Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, p. 15, 1895.
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