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  • Do you want to come climb the transformationa l leadership mountain with me? Your first step begins with DESIRE. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? If your answer is yes, you can be that agent of change you wish to see around the world!

  • . . . I wrote a letter to Thomas Pynchon asking, Can I have your permission to try to make an [adaptation] of your book? And I had no idea that he would answer me, because he's pretty elusive. But he did send a letter back that said, Yes, you can do that - as long as the only instrument in the opera is a banjo. I thought, That's an interesting way of saying No.

  • If someone does offer you a job, say 'yes.' You can always quit later. Then at least you'll be one of the unemployed as opposed to one of the never-employed. Nothing looks worse on a resume than nothing.

  • Senate has to advise and consent. That doesn't mean you have to vote yes; you can vote no. It's not a rubber stamp. But what these guys are doing is, "Wait a minute, we don't have to vote yes or no, and maybe we can trick our voters into not holding us accountable for not voting yes or no."

  • I remember, and I will never forget, one day - I was six years old and I was playing beside the road and this plantation owner drove up to me and stopped and asked me "could I pick some cotton." I told him I didn't know and he said, "Yes, you can. I will give you things that you want from the commissary store," and he named a huge list that he called off. I picked the 30 pounds of cotton that week, but I found out what actually happened was he was trapping me into beginning the work I was to keep doing and I never did get out of his debt again.

  • Mad Hatter: Would you like a little more tea? Alice: Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more. March Hare: Ah, you mean you can't very well take less. Mad Hatter: Yes. You can always take more than nothing.

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  • Yes, you can learn a lot about women, from what they choose to wear. You can learn even more by what they choose to take off, and who they take it off for.

  • Play becomes a distraction, something you don't really need to do. It's not for serious people. They work hard, they don't play hard. Yes, you can say play hard, but that really means, keep working hard, right?

  • With Facebook, you're not really allowed to be unhappy. Think about it: There's only a like button. Yes, you can be angry, but it's only lighthearted rage. On Reddit, perhaps because you can be anonymous, people are willing to be openly sad or angry. They are more honest.

  • When everyone else says you can't, determination says,'YES YOU CAN.'

  • Yes, you can feel very alone as a poet and you sometimes think, is it worth it? Is it worth carrying on? But because there were other poets, you became part of a scene. Even though they were very different writers, it made it easier because you were together

  • I don't like the strictly objective viewpoint [in which all of the characters' actions are described in the third person, but we never hear what any of them are thinking.] Which is much more of a cinematic technique. Something written in third person objective is what the camera sees. Because unless you're doing a voiceover, which is tremendously clumsy, you can't hear the ideas of characters. For that, we depend on subtle clues that the directors put in and that the actors supply. I can actually write, "'Yes you can trust me,' he lied." [But it's better to get inside the characters' heads.]

  • I think you just look for the person you have the most fun with. And that's enough. You realize, "Wait, I can just keep having fun with her forever?" Yes, you can do that. That is the key.

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    "Jimmy Fallon Interviews Jimmy Fallon". Interview with Eric Spitznagel and Peter Yang, December 23, 2014.
  • Oh yes, you can kick me And you can punch me And you can break my face But you won't change the way i feel 'cause i love you

  • Yes, you can lose somebody overnight, yes, your whole life can be turned upside down. Life is short. It can come and go like a feather in the wind.

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    "Biography/ Personal Quotes".
  • You know, yes, you can always argue that a backdoor can be built that's more secure, you know, and more difficult to get to and only law enforcement's going to get there. But nobody in the field of security believes that's ultimately going to provide this same protection that a tight end-to-end solution has without a backdoor.

    "The Cybersecurity Argument For And Against Device Encryption". "Weekend Edition Saturday" with Linda Wertheimer, December 26, 2015.
  • No," said Luis, "You can't date the Lord of the Night Court." "Well, I'm not, he dumped me." "You can't get dumped by the lord of the night court." "Oh, yes, you can. You so completely can.

    Holly Black (2012). “Ironside”, p.84, Simon and Schuster
  • I started a modeling agency and I had it for about five and a half years and it was the same time I was actually working with the WWE and doing SmackDown. It was really the same principles; because me growing up I didn't have the support, I wasn't told, yes you can do that; you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.

    Interview with Mike Furci, December 12, 2008.
  • Yes, you can be a dreamer and a doer too, if you will remove one word from your vocabulary: impossible.

  • We're focused on providing innovations in software, driving the continuous improvement for a much better experience, and there's a lot going on here that speaks to this decade and what's going to happen in this decade. We can kind of sum it up in terms of saying, "Yes, you can."

  • Yes, you can have it all, but not all at the same time. Set your own priorities, trust your gut and follow your heart.

  • Did you know you can take your bus anywhere you want to go? Say yes three times with me. Yes, yes, yes. You can take it to the movies, the beach or the North Pole. Just say where you want to go and believe that it will be so. Because every journey and ride begins with a desire to go somewhere and do something and if you have a desire then you also have the power to make it happen.

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  • The down side these days is thinking that, “I can do this all on my own”. Yes, you can do this on your own but you’ll be a much happier human being if you do it with other human beings.

  • Oh, yes--you can shout me down, I know! But you cannot answer me. The majority has might on its side--unfortunately; but right it has not.

    Henrik Ibsen (2012). “An Enemy of the People”, p.59, Courier Corporation
  • One of the questions I've always hated answering is how do people make money in open source. And I think that Caldera and Red Hat - and there are a number of other Linux companies going public - basically show that yes, you can actually make money in the open-source area.

  • The infrastructure of today's computing environment is for good or ill structured around the Windows operating system. Can you get around that? Yes you can, but you have to work harder to do that and most individuals and most corporations are not going to make that extra effort.

    "Tiny Be carves niche out of vast Microsoft-owned pie" by James Hattori and Bob Melisso, November 10, 1999.
  • And will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed!

    Theodor Seuss Geisel, “Oh, The Places You'll Go”
  • Let your life yield a sweet, winsome melody that this old world needs so desperately. Yes you can if you will.

    Charles R. Swindoll (2006). “Great Attitudes for Graduates!: 10 Choices for Success in Life”
  • Lesson number one: opportunity can be manufactured. Yes, you can wait around for the right set of circumstances to fall into place and then leap into action but you can also create those set of circumstances on your own. In so doing, you manufacture your own opportunities. This has helped me immeasurably.

  • Yes, you can have art films about the triumph of the human spirit and all of that, but you'll have it done with a big-budget icon with a $20 million salary. You'll have Julia Roberts, you'll have Robert Redford, you'll have Russell Crowe doing those films, because if they're going to cost $90 million, they're going to make that movie for a public that's very large and mainstream. They're not going to make it for three or four million black people.

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