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  • If [George] Zimmerman had been arrested for domestic violence, Trayvon Martin might still be alive.

    Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
  • I don't believe in Elvis I don't believe in Zimmerman I don't believe in Beatles I just believe in me.

    "God" (song) (1970).
  • After an initial solo album in which the young [Bob] Dylan was just finding his voice (i.e., reinventing himself from the middle-class Robert Zimmerman into a pseudo-hobo Woody Guthrie), Dylan put out two acoustic albums that forever changed popular music.

    Class   Two   Voice  
    Source: www.thedailybeast.com
  • I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was.

    "Geraldo Rivera: Trayvon Martin’s ‘Hoodie Is As Much Responsible For [His] Death As George Zimmerman’". www.huffingtonpost.com. March 23, 2012.
  • We have two boys. After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin, we had to explain to our older son, who was 12 at the time, how that could happen. Instead of hugging and consoling him, my husband pulled out a documentary about Emmett Till and showed it to him and started to talk about how the justice system works in this country - and how it often doesn't. From that conversation, our son wrote a short story about Trayvon Martin going to heaven to meet Emmett Till.

    Country   Husband   Son  
    Source: www.mtv.com
  • Before we condemn the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman, we should remember that they were asked to do something extraordinary. They were asked to listen to the facts and apply the law to the best of their ability in a case the world was watching.

    Law   World   Zimmerman  
    "What You May Not Know About the Zimmerman Verdict: The Evolution of a Jury Instruction" by Alafair Burke, www.huffingtonpost.com. July 15, 2013.
  • Hear this Robert Zimmerman, I wrote a song for you, about a strange young man called Dylan with a voice like sand and glue.

    Song   Men   Voice  
    Song: Song For Bob Dylan, Album: Hunky Dory, 1971
  • I've buried six Guardian Angels who have been shot and killed in the line of duty. I was stalked myself, had a gunman go pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, five hollow point bullets, God save me. What do you think this is? This isn't Zimmerman. But unfortunately, he's become the face of Block Watch, Crime Watch.

    Block   Angel   Thinking  
  • If we want to think about racism and how it might play out in drug policy, we have to think about the trial of George Zimmerman. We think about the prosecution, when they said "race is not a factor." It's so dishonest.

    Thinking   Race   Play  
    Source: therumpus.net
  • Block Watch, Crime Watch, we have hundreds of thousands of Americans, every day and night, risking their lives, going out for no pay as volunteers, protecting Americans like all of you and not asking anything in return. And the other day I'm speaking in a high school in New Jersey and the youngsters go, oh, you're just like Zimmerman.

    Block   School   Night  
  • George Zimmerman is a foot soldier in a rapidly privatizing country. He is a new centurion of 21st-century America. Law enforcement is tied down by the strictures of, well, the law. There is only 'so much they can do' to take care of the 'problem.'

    Country   Law   Feet  
  • I never pay attention to errors in the Minor Leagues. Derek Jeter made 43 errors in the South Atlantic League, and I didn't care. With his hands and his range, I don't worry about that with Zimmerman. He is a good defensive player.

    Player   Errors   Hands  
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