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  • The artistic element of Manhattan has kind of moved to Brooklyn. Has it changed it? Yeah. Has it ruined it? I would say no. It is what it is. I say better that than an urban war zone.

  • As actors you're always going to take certain roles that are in your comfort zone and take ones that aren't.

    Comfort   Roles   Actors  
  • To change a team you must change their comfort zone.

  • Determination and persistence are melded together. Their basis comes from people who stay hungry and don`t allow themselves to get too comfortable. Entering a comfort zone is the fastest way to kill your drive and determination, at which point you begin to accept whatever you have as being "good enough." There is no self-esteem in accepting the status quo. There are tremendous emotional and psychological rewards that come with pushing yourself to break through past limits and, in the process, creating something of value for yourself and others.

  • Erogenous zones are either everywhere or nowhere.

    Body   Zone  
  • You see, to find the brightest wisdom one must pass through the darkest zones. And through the darkest zones there can be no guide. No guide, that is, but courage

    Guides   Zone  
    Adam Gidwitz (2010). “A Tale Dark and Grimm”, p.106, Penguin
  • Every time you take a risk or move out of your comfort zone, you have a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and your capacity.

    Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen (2010). “The Power Of Focus”, p.103, Random House
  • The actual fights themselves are very demanding. You don't want to drain yourself. But it pumps you up, gets you in the zone. It's a good way of getting you into the zone for the scene.

    Fighting   Want   Pumps  
  • I personally didn't see personal atrocities in the sense I saw somebody cut a head off or something like that. However, I did take part in free-fire zones, I did take part in harassment and interdiction fire, I did take part in search-and-destroy missions.

  • I can't just go up to people standing in the snow at the German-Austrian border and ask them: "Are you an Islamist?" When people flee to us from war zones, we first have to help. But we also have to be quick to look very closely at who it is that is coming.

    War   People   Snow  
  • If you want to move to a new level in your life, you must break through your comfort zone and practice doing things that are not comfortable.

    FaceBook post by T. Harv Eker from Mar 20, 2012
  • I think in Baghdad, any westerner, journalist or not, has a big dollar sign on his or her forehead. So, first and foremost, you are a ticket to unimaginable wealth. And that makes any trips out of the safe zones very risky.

  • I parked in the tow-away zone, and when I got back, the entire neighborhood was gone.

    Funny   Humor   Gone  
  • Being a fan of science fiction, I collect a lot of science fiction art work and so if you go to my house there's like a library and you just geek out on science fiction material. A lot of the colony worlds specifically are built as a melting pot of different societies, because the world is at a point where there are only two zones that are left inhabitable.

    Art   Two   House  
    "Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, & Jessica Biel Discuss ‘Total Recall’". Interview With Tiffany Rose, August 7, 2012.
  • Each place its own mind, its own psyche! Oak, Madrone, Douglas fir, red-tailed hawk, serpentine in the sandstone, a certain scale to the topography, drenching rains in the winters, fog off-shore in the summers, salmon surging up the streams - all these together make up a particular state of mind, a place-specific intelligence shared by all the humans that dwell therein, but also by the coyotes yapping in those valleys, by the bobcats and the ferns and the spiders, by all beings who live and make their way in that zone. Each place its own psyche. Each sky its own blue.

    Summer   Rain   Winter  
  • All transitions are composed of an ending, a neutral zone and a new beginning

  • Because I haven't been in a band, I wasn't in that zone. I'm just a mom that needs to pick up her kids from school. I just don't remember what it is you do, what you wear. Even just doing photo sessions where you think, "I just don't remember how to do this."

    Mom   School   Kids  
  • There is a perverse comfort zone to living a small life. For women, that zone has to do with the fact that we're less likely to be challenged, we're less likely to be criticized, we're less likely to be called angry or strident, if we simply go along and acquiesce to the prevailing patterns of thought and behavior.

    "Marianne Williamson on Consciousness, Women and Politics". Interview with Marianne Schnall, November 09, 2012.
  • Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to break the rules. And we have to discover the sensuality of fear. We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.

    Kyra Davis (2013). “Just One Night, Part 3: Binding Agreement”, p.41, Simon and Schuster
  • Even though it may seem counterintuitive, a comfort zone is a dangerous place to be.

    Comfort   May   Dangerous  
    Mary Lou Retton (2000). “Mary Lou Retton's Gateways to Happiness: 7 Ways to a More Peaceful, More Prosperous, More Satisfying Life”, Broadway
  • To the degree we're not living our dreams, our comfort zone has more control of us than we have over ourselves.

    Peter McWilliams (1997). “Do It!: Let's Get Off Our Buts”, Mary Book / Prelude Press
  • The Europeans look down on raising your hands. They don't like the end-zone dance. I think that's unfortunate. That feeling - the finish line, the last couple of meters - is what motivates me.

  • When [Allen] Ginsberg and I founded the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics - that was 1974 - we referred to it by a term used by Sufi thinker Hakim Bey, as "temporary autonomous zones." That for me sums up some of Whitman's sense of a community of likeminded people with a certain kind of adhesiveness and connection and sharing of this ethos.

    School   Ethos   People  
  • You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Twilight Zone.

    The Twilight Zone (television series), opening narration (1959)
  • Artists get to step outside their comfort zone a 'lil bit and we get some great songs!!

    Song   Artist   Comfort  
  • Nick‘s eyes widened as a total state of befuddled huh possessed him. Was he in the Twilight Zone?

    Twilight   Eye   States  
  • Being a stunt girl is very much my comfort zone, so I had to remove the comfort zone to step fully into the slightly scarier zone. Also, just being perceived as an actor by the outside world, rather than as the stunt girl who does dialogue, has been a part of the challenge in front of me.

  • [Negro] should realize that he is living in a war zone, and he is at war with an enemy that is as vicious and criminal and inhuman as any war-making country has ever been.

    Country   War   Enemy  
  • I share this view, that Hillary Clinton did not get a fair chance with both media perspectives and the subtleties on the gender discrimination. I think there was in the media particularly there's a zone of protection around Senator Obama on race where none existed on gender.

  • A good friend of mine took me out and had me hit off a tee. He made me understand what was my strike zone and - with my speed - the importance of making contact. So I give him a lot of credit for changing my game and making me the player I became. He showed me how to work on me and my game, and not worry about patterning myself after someone else and focusing on what they were capable of doing rather than what I was capable of doing.

    "AN Interviews Rickey Henderson". Interview with Donald Marquez, May 7, 2012.
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