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  • Learning (Shakespeare's plays) school was a bit of a bore.

  • Forget the career, do the work. If you feel what you are doing is on line and you're going someplace and you have a vision and you stay with it, eventually things will happen.

  • I am more alive in the theater than anywhere else, but what I take into the theater I get from the streets.

  • I think what you see [in Salome the play backstage] is an artist having this fit of temperament.

    Artist   Thinking   Play  
  • I want to be a great actor someday, and I've decided there's no use philosophizing; the only way is to work at my craft.

  • The hardest thing about being famous is that people are always nice to you. You're in a conversation and everybody's agreeing with what you're saying - even if you say something totally crazy. You need people who can tell you what you don't want to hear.

    Esquire, January 2003.
  • I don't like what's going on in Iraq, naturally. I'm part of a large majority of people who don't, but I do not know the whole story. I do not believe what I see on television. I believe a percentage of it, so it's hard for me to discern. I don't like what it's doing to the world.

  • It's so funny when people who are not used to making movies get into it. You just can't believe how insufferably boring it is. Waiting around and doing these lines over and over and finally having to go in and loop the lines and dub them.

  • I destroy the painting as soon as I can see what it is. When I can make out something in it, I destroy it because it's no longer coming from my unconscious.

  • Shakespeare's plays are more violent than 'Scarface.'

  • When I was doing 'Scarface,' I remember being in love at that time. One of the few times in my life. And I was so glad it was at that time. I would come home and she would tell me about her life that day and all her problems and I remember saying to her, look, you really got me through this picture because I would shed everything when I came home.

    "Pacino's way" by Simon Hattenstone, December 02, 2004.
  • Acting is hard work. At times, it's very energizing and enervating. It's childish. It's also responsible. It's illuminating, enriching, joyful, drab. It's bizarre, diabolical. It's exciting.

    "Our December 1992 Cover Story: 'Family Values'" by Jonathan Poneman, December 12, 2017.
  • The actor becomes an emotional athlete. The process is painful - my personal life suffers.

  • It surprised me, the feeling I got when I won the Oscar for 'Scent of a Woman.' It was a new feeling. I'd never felt it. I don't see my Oscar much now. But when I first got it, there was a feeling for weeks afterward that I guess is akin to winning a gold medal in the Olympics.

  • On any given Sunday you're gonna win or you're gonna lose. The point is -- can you win or lose like a man?

    "Fictional character: Tony D'Amato". "Any Given Sunday", 1999.
  • If I find something and feel as though I can contribute to [it] in a way and feel I'm in it, whatever that means, I'm expressing something that I feel is a way to exercise my talent and help communicate a role as a human being in a movie, I will do that.

  • I haven't encouraged [Julia Marie Pacino] or discouraged her. I let her go her own way. I did say to her that I thought that she had a real gift, and it's a good idea to know that. It's always good to go with your gift.

  • I was never very happy with performing; it didn't turn me on much.

    Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino (2008). “Al Pacino”, p.6, Simon and Schuster
  • I can see [ talent or curiosity for acting] in my oldest daughter [Julia Marie Pacino]. I don't know how long she'll run away from it, but it's there in her.

  • I come from the South Bronx - a true descendant of the melting pot. I grew up in a really mixed neighborhood; it was a very integrated life.

    Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino (2008). “Al Pacino”, p.3, Simon and Schuster
  • There are people whose sense of reality is very strong, who have a sense of honesty. Lee Strasberg is like that, my grandfather was like that. These are the kinds of men I've had close relationships with.

    Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino (2008). “Al Pacino”, p.5, Simon and Schuster
  • The interesting thing about this is I don't know what my vision [ in Salome the play and Salomaybe] is yet about. I'm sensing something and I'm going along with it. It reminds me of a painting, the way Jackson Pollack painted - Jackson Pollack, the great, great artist.

  • I love work because it keeps sex in perspective. Otherwise, it can become a preoccupation.

    Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino (2008). “Al Pacino”, p.7, Simon and Schuster
  • We were doing Scarface many years ago...and I remember having my coffee and looking at the beach, the surf, and I saw a hundred people looking out into the ocean. I thought, what's going on? Did some whale get washed up to shore? So I stood up on the table to see what it was, and it was the director, Brian De Palma, standing there alone by the surf and they were all waiting for him. And I never forgot that because it represented to me what a director is, what a director does.

  • If you have the opportunity to meet someone as an actor, it's just great fodder for you. It's wonderful source stuff that we die for.

  • All I am is what I'm going after.

  • Without coffee something’s missing

  • [Marlon] Brando's a giant on every level. When he acts it's as if he landed from another planet. A planet where they produce great actors.

  • We're charlatans in a way, we're magic people. Part of the behind the scenes stuff is to loosen you up, to make you feel that you are experiencing this. This is my style, I did it in Looking for Richard, too. And I figure, if I can weave it into the actual play and get the audience interested, like the robes going up and down, they'll pay attention long enough to consume it.

  • What's this thing that gets between us and Shakespeare?

    Lawrence Grobel, Al Pacino (2008). “Al Pacino”, p.149, Simon and Schuster
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