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  • Midget wrestling on channel 3, it costs me 50 bucks a month.

  • I cut my teeth playing rock songs on the accordion when I was a teenager and my friends always thought that was extremely amusing. I think that was the genesis of my polka medleys, because every rock song I played on the accordion just sounded like a polka and my friends thought it was funny. So that was a joke that I continue up to this very day.

  • I knew we were having problems when you put those piranhas in my bathtub again.

  • You slammed my face down on the barbecue grill, now my scars are all healing, but my heart never will.

  • Velvet Elvis never puts on weight.

  • People say releasing an album is like giving birth, but it’s more like having a gallbladder operation.

  • I can bend paper clips into the shapes of small animals.

  • If money can't buy happiness, then I guess I'll have to rent it.

  • I think my chances of ever making it into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame are about as good as Milli Vanilli’s.

    “Ask Al” Q&As page, August 15, 2003.
  • I'm obviously not a rapper, and I don't have any claims to be one, really.

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  • My wife went off with Elvis.

  • In the '80s, I was putting out an album virtually every year, I think mostly based on fear - that if I didn't, people would soon forget about me.

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  • I'm a music fan, and I can listen to the radio, or music, without thinking, "How am I going to screw this up?" [Laughs] If I'm really actively trying to think of a parody, then I'll have my antenna out, and be a little more proactive about it.

  • As a kid, I certainly never thought I would get to spend my life doing something fun.

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  • You got me stranded on the bungee tower of love.

  • It's hard to say, I picked one of my favorite articles for the MAD vault. Which is one of the features of the Magazine so they don't have to actually pay artists or writers to come up with new stuff.

  • I don't watch anything on a regular basis - I tend to binge-watch things.

  • My own personal tastes don't really have an effect on whether song is a parody target or not. But having said that, I try to pick songs that I actually like because I realize that I have to live with these songs for a long time, from when I'm working on them in the studio to possibly playing them onstage for the rest of my life. So I try not to pick songs that I know would drive me crazy.

  • In fact, when I come up with an idea for a parody I try to resist the urge to Google the idea to see if someone has done it already because the answer is almost always, "Yes, of course they have, they've thought of it!"

  • In the '80s, I was the only game in town, I was the only one getting that kind of exposure in any rotation on MTV. Now with internet culture it seems like everyone is doing music parodies. And they're not all good!

  • My process for the parodies is that I get an idea for a song and then get approval from the artist and then go in and record it and probably try to get it out as soon as possible.

  • That's a big part of my life - doing things that I'm not prepared to do. Doing things that I don't know how to do, and keep doing them until I get good at them. I always try to put myself out of my comfort zone and out of my depth, and hopefully somewhere along the line I'll catch up.

  • I like to think that I've gotten better at what I do. I spend more time and pay more attention to detail album after album. But pretty much it's stayed the same.

  • I think that nerds, if you want to call them that, have only gotten more hip and assimilated into the culture.

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  • One of my pet peeves is that sometimes the talents of my band get overlooked because, and it was the same problem that Frank Zappa had, with a lot of groups that use humor, people don't realize there's a lot of craft behind the comedy.

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  • It doesn't take a military genius to see we'll all be crispy critters after World War III.

  • I'll be mellow when I'm dead.

  • In a genre where most of the artists are one-hit wonders, I've been able to hang around longer than most "serious" acts. I pride myself in being a very talented leech.

  • The window doesn't open, the fan is broke, and my face is turning blue. I haven't been in a crowd like this since I went to see the Who.

  • My hobbies just sort of gradually became my vocation.

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    • Born: October 23, 1959
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