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  • I don't worry about alienating fans. I don't think most people these days think of artists as sellouts if they license their music for a commercial or a movie trailer. If anything, fans get psyched when they hear Sleigh Bells on TV or at the movies. As a band who doesn't make money off of record sales it's a great way for us to pay the bills!

  • When Derek Miller and I started working together, we had a very clear vision for the sound of the band. It was one which combined our favorite musical elements: driving guitars, bombastic beats, and female vocals. We've always been interested in making music that is essentially pop but that steps outside of the traditional formula into a stranger, more abrasive world. We love that our music makes people dance with complete abandon and feel empowered. It's very uninhibited music, and that's what makes it so fun.

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  • I've always gotten a natural high from performing. I suddenly feel invincible when I step onto the stage. Honestly, I get most of my energy from our fans. They are always so inspiring and they push me to give 200 percent at every show. I always think of myself as a physical manifestation of our music, and our music calls for a performer with a hell of a lot of energy!

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