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  • I think on both sides of the pond, there are pros and cons to TV and film, and I think that there are things the British people can learn from the Americans and things the Americans can probably learn from us when it comes to the acting industry. But the main thing here in the USA is everything is just a hell of a lot bigger. The sets are bigger, the casts are bigger, the crews are bigger.

  • I can't recreate that feeling of being naked, because we're all so used to seeing each other's tits and ass-cracks that all that's going to give you is Cush dancing half-naked in a banana skirt.

  • It's so weird for me to be watching The Good Wife while I'm still shooting The Good Wife.

    Wife   Good Wife  
    "Meet Cush Jumbo, the Brit Star Who Plays The Good Wife's New BFF". Interview with Ronda Racha Penrice, October 18, 2015.
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