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  • The technology [semiconductors] which has transformed practical existence is largely an application of what was discovered by these allegedly irresponsible [natural] philosophers.

  • A common fallacy in much of the adverse criticism to which science is subjected today is that it claims certainty, infallibility and complete emotional objectivity. It would be more nearly true to say that it is based upon wonder, adventure and hope.

    "Chemistry in Britain". Quoted in E.J. Bowen's obituary of Hinshelwood, "Chemistry in Britain", Vol. 3, 536, 1967.
  • Chemistry: that most excellent child of intellect and art.

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  • [Science is] an imaginative adventure of the mind seeking truth in a world of mystery.

  • The natural sciences are sometimes said to have no concern with values, nor to seek morality and goodness, and therefore belong to an inferior order of things. Counter-claims are made that they are the only living and dynamic studies... Both contentions are wrong. Language, Literature and Philosophy express, reflect and contemplate the world. But it is a world in which men will never be content to stay at rest, and so these disciplines cannot be cut off from the great searching into the nature of things without being deprived of life-blood.

    Presidential Address to Classical Association, 1959.
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