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  • People who share a muddled, careless, or deceitful attitude towards gathering evidence often find themselves drawn to eachother's fantasies. If you believe one wrong or strange thing, you are more likely to believe another.

  • The success of any user generated content-related project should be judged in the long term. Try not to use it as a one-off campaign activation idea. Think of it instead as the beginning or continuation of an ongoing dialogue with your consumers.

  • Experts now talk about the ‘nutrition transition’, in which populations in developing countries move straight from malnourishment to obesity.

  • Can a president who’s presided over, and possibly encouraged, Chinese-style surveillance of The Land of the Free honestly expect to serve out his full term?

  • As Walt Whitman correctly surmised, we are large and we harbour multitudes within us. And those multitudes are locked in chronic battle. There is an ongoing conversation among the different factions in your brain, each competing to control the single output channel of your behaviour.

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