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  • The woman who accepts the limitations of womanhood finds in those very limitations her gifts, her special calling which bears her up into perfect freedom, into the will of God.

    Elisabeth Elliot (2013). “Let Me Be a Woman”, p.23, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • Jesus loved the will of His Father. He embraced the limitations, the necessities, the conditions, the very chains of His humanity as He walked and worked here on earth, fulfilling moment by moment His divine commission and the stern demands of His incarnation. Never was there a word or even a look of complaint.

  • We never know what God has up His sleeve. You never know what might happen; you only know what you have to do now.

  • The secret is Christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances.

  • Accept your loneliness. It is one stage, and only one stage, on a journey that brings you to God. It will not always last. Offer up your loneliness to God, as the little boy offered to Jesus his five loaves and two fishes. God can transform it for the good of others. Above all, do something for somebody else!

    Elisabeth Elliot (1999). “Taking Flight: Wisdom for Your Journey”, Baker Publishing Group
  • She had the consciousness of being nine-and-twenty to give her some regrets and some apprehensions; she was fully satisfied of being still quite as handsome as ever, but she felt her approach to the years of danger, and would have rejoiced to be certain of being properly solicited by baronet-blood within the next twelvemonth or two.

  • The cross means suffering. Suffering's meaning is to be learned through the cross.

  • There are those who insist that it is a very bad thing to question God. To them, “why?” is a rude question. That depends, I believe, on whether it is an honest search, in faith, for His meaning, or whether it is the challenge of unbelief and rebellion.

    Elisabeth Elliot (2006). “On Asking God Why: And Other Reflections on Trusting God in a Twisted World”, p.18, Revell
  • There is something that pretends to be christianity which is mostly mood. The measure of its faith is merely the measure of its feeling.

    Elisabeth Elliot (2006). “Discipline: The Glad Surrender”, p.27, Revell
  • The husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the Head of the Church. And the wife is there to bless and support and help him.

    Source: baylyblog.com
  • One morning I was reading the story of Jesus' feeding of the five thousand. The disciples could find only five loaves of bread and two fishes. 'Let me have them,' said Jesus. He asked for all. He took them, said the blessing, and broke them before He gave them out. I remembered what a chapel speaker...had said: 'If my life is broken when given to Jesus, it is because pieces will feed a multitude, while a loaf will satisfy only a little lad.'

    Elisabeth Elliot, Joshua Harris (2002). “Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ's Control”, p.41, Revell
  • To those of us who are not theologians, does it matter whether a thing is ordained or merely allowed? Are events that seem out of control caused by God? Or does He allow them to occur at the hands of human beings? You can spend a lot of time pondering that one and end up pretty much where you started. In either case, the purpose remains the same - our sanctification. God is in the business of making us walking, breathing examples of the invisible reality of the presence of Christ in us.

  • We are not asked to SEE," said Amy. "Why need we when we KNOW?" We know--not the answer to the inevitable Why, but the incontestable fact that it is for the best. "It is an irreparable loss, but is it faith at all if it is 'hard to trust' when things are entirely bewildering?

  • Think of this- we may live together with Him here and now, a daily walking with Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.

  • Here lies the tremendous mystery - that God should be all-powerful, yet refuse to coerce. He summons us to cooperation. We are honored in being given the opportunity to participate in his good deeds. Remember how He asked for help in performing his miracles: Fill the water pots, stretch out your hand, distribute the loaves.

    Elisabeth Elliot (1987). “A Lamp for My Feet: The Bible's Light for Daily Living”, Vine Books
  • Faith's most severe tests come not when we see nothing, but when we see a stunning array of evidence that seems to prove our faith vain.

  • The Bible doesn't explain everything necessary for our intellectual satisfaction, but it explains everything necessary for our obediance.

  • For one who has made thanksgiving the habit of his life, the morning prayer will be, 'Lord, what will you give me today to offer back to you?'

  • There is no need for faith where there is no consciousness of an element of risk.

    Elisabeth Elliot (1961). “The Savage My Kinsman”
  • There is nothing worth living for, unless it is worth dying for.

  • Restlessness and impatience change nothing except our peace and joy.

  • A grandmother's special calling is to pray and to be a fellow worker in the battle in which her children or her grandchildren are engaged.

  • I believe a woman, in order to be a good wife, must be (among other things) both sensual and maternal.

    Elisabeth Elliot (2013). “Let Me Be a Woman”, p.81, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • A Christian woman's true freedom lies on the other side of a very small gate...humble obedience...but that gate leads out into a largeness of life undreamed of by the liberators of the world, to a place where the God-given differentiation between the sexes is not obfuscated but celebrated, where our inequalities are seen as essential to the image of God, for it is in male and female, in male as male and female as female, not as two identical and interchangeable halves, that the image is manifested.

  • A prayerful heart and an obedient heart will learn, very slowly and not without sorrow, to stake everything on God Himself.

  • A wife, if she is very generous, may allow that her husband lives up to perhaps eighty percent of her expectations. There is always the other twenty percent that she would like to change, and she may chip away at it for the whole of their married life without reducing it by very much. She may, on the other hand, simply decide to enjoy the eighty percent, and both of them will be happy.

    "Feminine Appeal: Seven Virtues of a Godly Wife and Mother". Book by Carolyn Mahaney, 2003.
  • I'm convinced that there is nothing that can happen to me in this life that is not precisely designed by a sovereign Lord to give me the opportunity to learn to know Him.

  • If your goal is purity of heart, be prepared to be thought very odd.

  • I asked Him to give me the prayers He wants me to pray and to give or withhold anything according to his plan for me. Nothing is too big to ask of Him, not even an ocean lot. It is God's business to decide if it is good for me. It is my business to obey Him.

    Elisabeth Elliot (2004). “A Lamp unto My Feet: The Bible's Light for Your Daily Walk”, p.116, Gospel Light Publications
  • I believe with all my heart God's Story has a happy ending. . . But not yet, not necessarily yet. It takes faith to hold on to that in the face of the great burden of experience, which seems to prove otherwise.

    Believe   Heart  
    Elisabeth Elliot (2015). “Through Gates of Splendor”, p.269, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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