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  • The headmistress was a very well-respected theater teacher. She taught me what stage left and stage right were, what a director was, and what all these things meant, which was something I had no concept of. She sent me off to drama school, at age 18, and I stayed there for three years. Before I knew it, I was working on a TV show.

    Teacher   Drama   School  
  • I had a really weird moment when I was doing ADR, and I was watching a sex scene that I was in. I had this really detached moment where I realized I was looking at my own behind in third person.

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  • While there are things with this job that remain constant, in terms of how you shoot, the actual crux of the character is always different and always evolving.

  • I will do anything for Guillermo del Toro, if he asked me. I would give him my first-born child.

  • I would have liked to have worked with Carrie Preston. I think Carrie Preston is one of the most talented actresses I've ever met in my entire life.

  • I'm a creature who bores, easily. I could never do one job, for the rest of my life.

    Jobs   Bores   Creatures  
  • I was never interested in anything, particularly. I didn't get through school. I was a layabout. So, I started working at a theater to earn some money, as a part-time job.

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  • Im massively scared of spiders. Even small ones scare the life out of me.

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  • I honestly dont know whether I can ever top the experience of Pacific Rim.

  • Im married to my job. Im obsessed with my work, and I run myself into the ground every single day. Unfortunately, a lot of other pursuits have to take a back seat.

    Running   Jobs   Married  
  • I went to watch a movie in a theater, a couple weeks ago, and the trailer came on. My face is in the trailer, and then my name came up on the credits, and this is the dream you dare to dream, that came true.

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  • Im a geek - I read fantasy novels, I play World of Warcraft, Im a massive gamer, I have Star Trek outfits.

  • Everybody wants to be in the next Marvel movie.

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  • I've never had a day at work where I wasn't thrilled and grateful to be there, wherever that might be.

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  • What True Blood does really well is that it balances on the line between good and evil - you blur the distinction between the two.

    Blood   Two   Evil  
  • There's a lot of egos with actors. We certainly don't like to be directed by other actors, or anything like that.

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  • The constant education is what keeps me interested. That's what absolutely fascinates me about this job. This week, I'm playing a faerie. Last year, I played a soldier. What am I going to be playing in six months? It's amazing! It's a wonderful job.

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  • Im a massive science fiction and fantasy geek.

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  • I've played a super soldier, a doctor, a World War II fighter pilot, a professional footballer, and a meth-dealing junkie. All those things allow you to educate yourself about different worlds that you have to get familiar with.

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