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  • You see, to find the brightest wisdom one must pass through the darkest zones. And through the darkest zones there can be no guide. No guide, that is, but courage

    Guides   Zone  
    Adam Gidwitz (2010). “A Tale Dark and Grimm”, p.106, Penguin
  • There is this weird thing that happens, when you stop worrying so much about what other people think of suddenly start seeing what you think of you.

    Thinking   People   Worry  
  • For, in life, it is in the darkest zones one finds the brightest beauty and the most luminous wisdom.

    Luminous   Zone  
    Adam Gidwitz (2010). “A Tale Dark and Grimm”, p.9, Penguin
  • You see, Hansel and Gretel don’t just show up at the end of this story. They show up. And then they get their heads cut off. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Cutting   Stories   Ends  
    Adam Gidwitz (2012). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.143, Penguin
  • Once upon a time, fairy tales were AWESOME!

    Adam Gidwitz (2010). “A Tale Dark and Grimm”, p.8, Penguin
  • When you do what you want, not what you wish...' said the first raven. 'When you no longer seek your reflection in others' eyes...' said the second. 'When you see yourselves face to face...' said the third. 'Then,' the ravens intoned in unison, 'you will have found what you truly seek.

    Eye   Reflection   Ravens  
    Adam Gidwitz (2012). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.73, Penguin
  • Maybe I've been wanting the wrong things.

    Adam Gidwitz (2012). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.87, Penguin
  • There is a certain kind of pain that can change you. Even the strongest sword, when placed in a raging fire, will soften and bend and change its form... Trust me on this one. I know this from personal experience. I hope that you never will, but, since you're a person, and therefore prone to making horrible, soul-splitting mistakes, you probably will one day know what this kind of guilt and shame feels like. And when that time comes, I hope you have the take advantage of the fire and reshape your own sword.

    Pain   Mistake   Fire  
  • So thirsty," Jack groaned. "So worried,"said the frog. I hope we don't starve to death." "Yes,"said Jill, "not starving to death would be nice." "So would not thirsting to death," said Jack "Thirsting isn't even a word," said Jill "It isn't?" "No." "Then what's the word?" "I dont know. You just can't." "Oh." This is, of course, the kind of inane conversation that occurs when people are slowly losing their minds.

    Nice   People   Mind  
    Adam Gidwitz (2012). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.71, Penguin
  • Home is where you can be yourself.

    Adam Gidwitz (2013). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.171, Random House
  • But beware, dear reader. For we go out into the wide, wild world, looking to change, looking to grow, looking for wisdom. But wisdom is hard to come by, and once achieved, it is very easily lost. Especially when one is leaving the wide, wild world - and returning to the place you once fled.

    Adam Gidwitz (2012). “In a Glass Grimmly”, p.110, Penguin
  • The oven became hotter and hotter, and Hansel began to sweat. Then a delicious smell wafted to his nostrils. Oh no! he thought. I'm cooking! He sniffed at the air. And I smell delicious!

    Air   Sweat   Smell  
    Adam Gidwitz (2010). “A Tale Dark and Grimm”, p.26, Penguin
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