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  • I don't think you ever write a song with any intention except the song's about such and such per say ... we've never written a song and thought 'oh it'd be great if in this part this happened in the audience'.

    Song   Writing   Thinking  
  • Well my wife and I just had a baby ourselves and it makes it harder to be on the road. It isn't for everybody and it can burn people out, and that's what's happened in the past. We've just kept the ship running y'know what I mean? You change engineers from time to time and as long as everybody coming aboard knows what direction the ship is, everything's alright.

    Running   Baby   Mean  
  • It's time for Americans to stop worrying about Kim Kardashian and figure out how we're gonna save our kids.

    Kids   Worry   Kim  
  • I'm not one for being too profound, but I will say this. If you wanna have a good time, if you wanna drink a little bit y'know get your sing-a-long on, come and see the Dropkick Murphys and have a good time.

    Long   Profound   Littles  
  • We just do what we do, we're grateful every night when there's people in front of the stage and singing our songs back at us. We're all fortunate to be able to be doing this for a living, so we're just grateful to be here and we just do what we do and we let the people decide.

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  • Big pharma has a strangle hold on the politicians. They're stepping over the corpses of the children of America to cash their checks.

    Children   America   Cash  
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