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  • Since many people have been asking me to elaborate on why I think "Inglourious Basterds" is akin to Holocaust denial, I'll try to explain what I mean as succinctly as possible, by paraphrasing Roland Barthes: anything that makes Fascism unreal is wrong. For me, "Inglourious Basterds" makes the Holocaust harder, not easier to grasp -- as a historical reality, I mean, not as a movie convention. Insofar as it becomes a movie convention, it loses its historical reality.

    Mean   Reality   Thinking  
  • I think it took us all by surprise. I mean, I knew that people in New Zealand would like [Hunt for the Wilderpeople], but no one really anticipated how much they would embrace it as it is. And it's playing widely in Australia now; they're running it as well. It's going to be interesting to see how it does it in the States, but I think if Sundance was any indication, I imagine it could do well.

    Running   Mean   Thinking  
  • English is full of booby traps for the unwary foreigner. Any language where the unassuming word fly signifies an annoying insect, a means of travel, and a critical part of a gentleman's apparel is clearly asking to be mangled.

    Mean   Gentleman   Asking  
    Bill Bryson (1990). “The Mother Tongue”, William Morrow Paperbacks
  • It is rational to choose the right means to your ends to develop very elegant abstract formal theories of rational choice, and then turn these into what look like moral theories. Philosophers tend to be ravished by the formal beauty of such theories, and they don't pay much attention to the fact that our human limitations make them pretty useless in practice, while the simple point about instrumental reasoning is too shallow to be of much real moral interest.

    Real   Mean   Simple  
  • What Barack Obama calls bipartisanship is not moving to the right, but finding where people who consider themselves conservatives share these fundamental American values. When he talks about union, that's the kind of thing he means. That requires common responsibility. Individual responsibility is one of the hallmarks of conservative thought. In conservative religion, you yourself are responsible for whether you get into heaven. Or with fiscal conservatives, you are the market. It's your individual discipline and market discipline.

  • I curated this show [Shanghai Biennale ], I was by no means trying to shock people or be controversial.

    Mean   People   Trying  
  • There's something about being a comedian that means you have to not be scared of failing because failing is part of the process.

    Mean   Comedian   Scared  
    "So, Eddie Izzard, were your marathons an attempt to trump my swims?". Interview with Eddie Izzard, March 23, 2012.
  • We need to enact fundamental tax reform. The weight and complexity of our 73,000-page tax code are crushing everyday Americans. We need to radically simplify the tax code so that we can re-start the real engine of growth in our economy. That means our tax code needs to go from 73,000 pages down to about three pages.

    Crush   Real   Mean  
    "Carly Fiorina Answers 12 Christian Post Questions for Every Presidential Candidate". Interview with Napp Nazworth, January 4, 2016.
  • Doing your own thing is a generous act. Being gifted creates obligations, which means you owe the world your best effort at the work you love. You too are a natural resource.

    Love   Mean   Best Effort  
    Barbara Sher (2010). “I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was: How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It”, p.98, Dell
  • Focus does not mean saying yes, it means saying no.

    Mean   Focus   Saying Yes  
    "Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011" by Steven Levy, October 5, 2011.
  • For years Don Imus was just - boy, he was merciless in his criticism of me. Maybe it was justified, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

    Mean Girls   Hurt   Boys  
  • Enlightenment doesn't mean you know anything. It doesn't mean you don't know anything. It means that you've returned to the source, consciously.

  • Sports section and a sticky bun. Know what that means.

    Sports   Mean   Buns  
  • Every once in a while I feel despair over the fate of the planet. If you’ve been following climate science, you know what I mean: the sense that we’re hurtling toward catastrophe but nobody wants to hear about it or do anything to avert it.

    Mean   Fate   Despair  
    "Cassandras of Climate". September 27, 2009.
  • Youth means love, Vows can't change nature, priests are only men.

    Mean   Men   Youth  
    'The Ring and the Book' (1868-9) bk. 1, l. 1056
  • In order to experience and understand what it means to be a Christian, it is always necessary to recognize a definite historical situation.

    Christian   Mean   Order  
  • When a woman says, 'I don't wish to mention any names', it means it ain't necessary to mention any names.

    Mean   Names   Wish  
  • In the art world, Monet means money.

    Art   Mean   World  
  • Somebody's buying these treasury bills at 1/20th of one percent. I mean we consuming about $2 billion a day of goods and services beyond what we're producing.As long as we consume more than we produce, and we trade away little pieces of the country daily, they're going to own something. Now, they can't run from American assets. I mean every day the rest of the world is going to have about two billion more of American assets than we have, as long as they sell us these goods.

    Running   Country   Mean  
  • Ah. In my experience, when people say they don't know whether they love someone, they usually mean no.

    Mean   Virginia   People  
  • I like those older theaters - the acoustics are perfect, I mean, you just have that feel of there's been a thousand shows in there and now you get to be one.

  • In vulgar usage, progress has come to mean limitless movement in space and time, accompanied, necessarily, by an equally limitless command of energy: culminating in limitless destruction.

    Mean   Space   Progress  
    Lewis Mumford (1974). “The Pentagon of Power”, Harcourt
  • I do not mean to say that such institutions act unilaterally on psychic life, or that they determine certain psychic outcomes. Rather, they exploit forms of fear and insecurity that are there for any population - no political organisation of life could ever fully do away with fear and insecurity; but some work to intensify, accelerate, and make more acute forms of fear, and to provide ideological focus for such intensified fears, at which point critical thinking has a fierce rival. The critical analysis that shows precisely how those forms of fear are promulgated, and for what purpose.

    Interview with Cihan Aksan and Jon Bailes, October 11, 2013.
  • Those born to wealth, and who have the means of gratifying every wish, know not what is the real happiness of life, just as those who have been tossed on the stormy waters of the ocean on a few frail planks can alone realize the blessings of fair weather.

    Happiness   Real   Ocean  
    Alexandre Dumas (2016). “ALEXANDRE DUMAS Ultimate Collection: 40+ Titles Including The Three Musketeers Series, The Marie Antoinette Novels, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Valois Trilogy and more (Illustrated): Historical Novels, Adventure Classics, True Crime Stories & Biography (Queen Margot, The Black Tulip, The Queen’s Necklace, Taking the Bastille, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Sicilian Bandit…)”, p.6505, e-artnow
  • This is essential that we have a resurgence in democratic participation. And I don't mean big-D Democrat, I mean small-D democrat. I mean getting involved in your neighborhood, your community. This is no time to say, "I'm not into politics." This is a time to go headlong into the welfare of this nation.

  • We're Americans! Do you know what that means? It means our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world.

    Country   Travel   Home  
  • Any judicial nominee who has said that the Constitution means what it says, not what judges would like it to mean, is going to be called an 'extremist.' That person will be said to be 'out of the mainstream.' But the mainstream is itself the problem.

  • The Democrats, the left has this 30-year playbook of how to destroy conservatives by simply exposing the horrible, the mean-spirited, insensitive things they say, but that isn't going to work on Trump the way it works on conservatives, for a whole host of reasons.

    Mean   Years   Way  
    "This Ad Won’t Hurt Trump". "The Rush Limbaugh Show", May 10, 2016.
  • When you say a wall, you mean a wall. You want to build a fence, you say fence. You don't use it as a euphemism for a virtual, say surveillance from hot air balloons that are floating over the border which some people have advocated.

    Wall   Mean   Air  
  • There is a streetlight in front of Soo Yeon's house. From there to home, it takes 280 steps. If we have been walking away from each other for 14 years, how many steps will it take to get back? If she doesn't come even if I wait, that doesn't mean that she abandoned me.. it means she is on her way.

    Drama   Home   Mean  
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