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  • No matter what you do, if you're on a stage constantly speaking to people, you need to make sure that you have something to say. You need to make sure you're fed in whatever profession you're doing.

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  • I just realized that I was putting my identity in things that don't matter. I think our generation especially, but our nation as well, we look at what Hollywood throws at us, and I just think some of us are confused.

  • Fear sees a ceiling. Hope sees the stars.

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  • I think people need to guard themselves in what they watch and what they listen to because I think that does affect who they are and why they do what they do.

  • I'd much rather go out having America shocked than having America go, 'Eh, it was his time.'

  • The only advice that I know to give is to pray for your leaders. Whether you like it or not, we have a new president. As a church body, we need to remember these leaders, whether they are in office or not. Leaders in the workplace or the church, we need to remember them because they face some really hard decisions. So we need to pray for wisdom and peace and understanding and for patience, and for any and everything really because they're going to need it. So let's just gather around them and pray that God's will be done on earth, versus someone's agenda.

  • On stage I'm basically spiritually feeding all of these people in the audience, and making sure they're encouraged to connect with God.

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  • Jesus had over death and we don't have to worry about death. We don't have to worry about where our loved ones are going if they know Jesus.

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