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  • I've got to stop being such a snob about leather-bound books, he reminded himself. E-books do have their moments.

    Dan Brown (2014). “Inferno: Special Illustrated Edition (Enhanced): Featuring Robert Langdon”, p.402, Knopf
  • We are the masters of our own universe.

    Dan Brown (2010). “The Lost Symbol Illustrated edition”, p.136, Random House
  • As you know, this little grain of sand has mass. A very small mass, but mass nonetheless." And because this grain of sand has mass, it therefore exerts gravity. Again, too small to feel, but there." Now," Katherine said, "if we take trilions of these sand grains and let them attract one another to form... say, the moon, then their combined gravtiy is enough to move entire ocreans and drag the tides back and forth across our planet.

  • Authors, he thought. Even the sane ones are nuts.

    Dan Brown (2004). “The Da Vinci Code”, Doubleday Books
  • The Pentacle - The ancients envisioned their world in two halves - masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos.

    Dan Brown (2003). “The Da Vinci Code: A Novel”
  • Everything is possible. The impossible just takes longer.

    Dan Brown (2007). “Digital Fortress: A Thriller”, p.27, Macmillan
  • Even brilliant scientists Google themselves.

    Dan Brown (2010). “The Lost Symbol Illustrated edition”, p.170, Random House
  • Buddha had said: "Each of us is a God. Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.

    Dan Brown (2009). “Angels & Demons - Movie Tie-In: A Novel”, p.408, Simon and Schuster
  • Langdon turned to Sophie. "Who is that? What... happened?" Teabing hobbled over. "You were rescued by a knight brandishing an Excalibur made by Acme Orthopedic.

    Dan Brown (2004). “The Da Vinci Code”, Doubleday Books
  • I'm fascinated by power, especially veiled power. Shadow power. The National Security Agency. The National Reconnaissance Office. Opus Dei. The idea that everything happens for reasons we're not quite seeing.

  • This life is what I always wanted. I had a vision of our happiness.

  • One could argue that there exist certain questions that are best left unanswered.

  • Our minds sometimes see what our hearts wish were true.

    Dan Brown (2005). “Angels & Demons”, p.421, Simon and Schuster
  • Although I studied Dante's Inferno as a student, it wasn't until recently, while researching in Florence, that I came to appreciate the enduring influence of Dante's work on the modern world.

    "Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code sequel Inferno revealed by readers" by Alison Flood, www.theguardian.com. January 15, 2013.
  • Most clients expect experience design to be a discrete activity, solving all their problems with a single functional specification or a single research study. It must be an ongoing effort, a process of continually learning about users, responding to their behaviors, and evolving the product or service.

  • I didn't understand how funny this play Much Ado About Nothing truly was until I became an English teacher and had to teach it. There is no wittier dialogue anywhere.

  • Peace on this planet will not be forged by military strength. It will be forged by those who come together despite their government's differences.

    Dan Brown (2002). “Deception Point”, p.403, Simon and Schuster
  • Is it not possible that we are still living in the Dark Ages, still mocking the suggestion of 'mystical' forces that we cannot see or comprehend.

  • Look, you runny-nosed little runt. You're going to back off right now, or I'm going to rip that safety pin out of your nose and pin your mouth shut.

    Dan Brown (2007). “Digital Fortress: A Thriller”, p.251, Macmillan
  • The Bible represents a fundamental guidepost for millions of people on the planet, in much the same way the Koran, Torah, and Pali Canon offer guidance to people of other religions. If you and I could dig up documentation that contradicted the holy stories of Islamic belief, Judaic belief, Buddhist belief, pagan belief, should we do that? Should we wave a flag and tell the Buddhists that the Buddha did not come from a lotus blossom? Or that Jesus was not born of a literal virgin birth? Those who truly understand their faiths understand the stories are metaphorical.

  • My interest in secret societies is the product of many experiences, some I can discuss, others I cannot.

  • When swimming into a dark tunnel,there arrives a point of no return when you no longer have enough breath to double back.your choice is to swim forward into the unknown....and pray for an exit

    Dan Brown (2014). “Inferno: Special Illustrated Edition (Enhanced): Featuring Robert Langdon”, p.207, Knopf
  • Well, you know, in any novel you would hope that the hero has someone to push back against, and villains - I find the most interesting villains those who do the right things for the wrong reasons, or the wrong things for the right reasons. Either one is interesting. I love the gray area between right and wrong.

  • Men in power are always interested in greater power.

  • What's the matter?'' She immediately started laughin. ''What's the mattter? Everything is the matter! Rocks! Trees! Atoms! Even anteaters! Everything is the matter!

  • God, grant me strength to accept those things I cannot change.

    Dan Brown (2005). “Angels & Demons”, p.130, Simon and Schuster
  • Please accept this humble fax. My love for you is without wax.

    Dan Brown (2007). “Digital Fortress: A Thriller”, p.153, Macmillan
  • Powerful truth has its own gravity and eventually pulls people back to it.

  • By its very nature, history is always a one-sided account.

    Dan Brown (2003). “The Da Vinci Code: A Novel”
  • The act of tattooing one's skin was a tranformative declaration of power, an announcment to the world: I am in control of my own flesh.

    Dan Brown (2009). “The Lost Symbol: (Robert Langdon Book 3)”, p.10, Random House
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