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  • Let God's grace be the mosque, and devotion the prayer mat. Let the Quran be the good conduct. Let modesty be compassion, good manners fasting, you should be a Muslim the like of this. Let good deeds be your Kaaba and truth be your mentor. Your Kalma be your creed and prayer, God would then vindicate your honour.

  • Understand that for every rule which I have mentioned from the Quran, the Devil has one to match it, which he puts beside the proper rule to cause error.

    Errors   Evil   Quran  
  • The legislation of Quran will spread all over the world, because it agrees with the mind, logic and wisdom.

    Mind   World   Quran  
  • The Quran refers to “those who followed him in the hour of difficulty.” How beautiful the Quran’s expressions are. It refers to difficulty as an hour that passes by quickly and then is over, not as something that overwhelms one’s whole life

  • God says in the Quran that there is only one true religion, God's religion. It's the same theme that God revealed to all of the prophets, even before Muhammad.

  • I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution, to use civil disobedience, and to demand that this president leave town, to get up, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come out with his hands up.

    "Rallier tells Obama to 'put the Quran down'". Article by Ashley Killough, politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com. October 13, 2013.
  • Amongst the friends of Allah (Awliya), the Qur'an is considered as a love letter from Allah, which inevitably is read continuously to remind them of their Beloved.

    God   Reading   Islamic  
  • We swear by the Quran and Sunnah, and we will not compromise with any infidel... Islam is the truth and all else is falsehood.

    YouTube Channel "Al Jazeera English"/"101 East- Inside Indonesia's Islamic schools", www.youtube.com. August 31, 2007.
  • Three worldly things have been made dear to me: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and reading the Qur'an.

    Reading   Naked   Three  
  • There's a statement in the Quran: There should be "absolutely no compulsion in religion."

    "Muslim leaders: 'We will not allow the extremists to define us'". Interview with Daniel Burke, edition.cnn.com. June 15, 2016.
  • Women's position includes so many pre-Islamic customs that have become an integral part of the Shariat. I am fighting that. Triple talaq is not mentioned in the Quran. Of course, there is a controversy; some maintain that the Prophet approved of it. Even if he did, maybe he had social constraints.

    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • The God of Quran is trying to unskin Muslims from their humanity. Muslims are good people. But their God is absolutely bad.

  • I know the Gospel according to Mark better than I know any sura in the Quran.

    Quran   Mark   Knows  
    Source: www.wbur.org
  • The Sufi saint Mazhar Jaan Jana of 18th century Delhi believed that the Quran condemns bowing before deities because in pre-Islamic idol worship stones were considered god. But Hindus pray to god through that idol, which is a reflection of god. In Vedas god is nirguna and nirankara, that is, he has no attributes and no shape, that is the real belief of Hindus. As Muslims visit graves, so Hindus worship idols.

    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • Your calamity was sent to bring you back to the Quran. But the greater calamity is that you missed the point.

  • There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is God's messenger.

  • I wish I studied more religions, I wish I read the Bible, the Quran. I think as I get older, I will start to really dive into religions, just because I feel like there's truths in all of those books. Clearly. I'm saying there's truths in all of them.

    Book   Thinking   Wish  
    Source: www.wbur.org
  • Taking the strong believing women as role models for both men and women, clearly indicates that the Quran acknowledges the woman's ability to be a strong person who can overcome any innate weakens in her.

    Strong   Believe   Men  
    "The Woman's Personality and Role in Life". english.bayynat.org.lb.
  • Every age requires a new approach to the Qur’an for the simple reason that the Quran is made for all ages. It is our duty to look for deeper meanings in the Quran in order to increase our knowledge and experience. The Quran wants your intellect to be always active and trying to approach the message of God. God himself dedicated this book to people who think.

    Book   Simple   Thinking  
  • America will nurture a new Muslim - one who can believe in Muhammad and the Quran but who abandons belief in a Shariah-based state and affirms the primary American value of individual liberty, which has not been a normative Islamic value.

  • We are, of course, now against any other group burning Qurans. We would right now ask no one to burn Qurans. We are absolutely strong on that. It is not the time to do it.

    Strong   Groups   Burning  
  • Abdur Rab offers a comprehensive vision of Islam using the Quran as his sole religious textual source. He intentionally avoids the hadith literature, which he believes, and argues, has done much damage to the message of the Quran. His work provides many thought-provoking insights and should be a significant contribution to the 'Quran only' movement in modern Islam.

  • Science is only truly consistent with an atheistic worldview with regards to the claimed miracles of the gods of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, the true believers in each of these faiths are atheists regarding the specific sacred tenets of all other faiths. Christianity rejects the proposition that the Quran contains the infallible words of the creator of the universe. Muslims and Jews reject the divinity of Jesus.

    Jesus   Atheist   Miracle  
  • I often think that woman is more free in Islam than in Christianity. Woman is more protected by Islam than by the faith which preaches monogamy. In AI Quran the law about woman is juster and more liberal.

    Thinking   Law   Islam  
    "The Life and Teachings of Muhammad". Book by Annie Besant, 1932.
  • Europe becomes more and more a province of Islam, a colony of Islam. And Italy is an outpost of that province, a stronghold of that colony... In each of our cities lies a second city: a Muslim city, a city run by the Quran. A stage in the Islamic expansionism.

    Running   Lying   Islamic  
    "La forza della ragione (The Force of Reason)". Book by Oriana Fallaci (p. 34), 2004.
  • Our [Afghanistan] main problem is education. Over 90 percent of our population is uneducated. So what can you expect? The terrorists come from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, saying the Quran says this, Quran says that, and the Afghans believe that because they speak Arabic, they think they know the language of Quran, and they know Islam better than us, let's follow them. So they simply follow them.

    Believe   Thinking   Iraq  
    Source: www.pbs.org
  • The Quran mentions the story of Moses and Khidr [a prophet mentioned in the Quran who guided Moses on a revelatory journey], a famous story, in which Moses represents sort of the external understanding of the religion and Khidr represents the inner spiritual understanding of the religion. Moses went on a journey with Khidr and Khidr said, "I will not accept you unless you stop questioning things," which from an external point of view seems strange, but inwardly is very meaningful. This is exactly the question of spiritual guidance.

    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • Muhammad sets the model for being a good statesman. He also sets the model for being a good warrior, for chivalry, of nobility, of all the things which the Quran and Hadith [The recorded collections of the sayings and traditions of the Prophet] says of treating your enemy with dignity and kindness.

    Source: www.counterpunch.org
  • So often it hurts us that we are not able to focus in our prayers. Remember, the more you focus on Allah outside your salah, the easier it will be to focus on Him inside your salah. What occupies you in salah, is what occupies you outside of salah. Try to fill your mind and heart with Allah as much as you can throughout your day. Talk to Him, make duaa to Him constantly. This will build your personal relationship with Him. Then, going to salah will be like coming home to an old friend.

  • It is not true that if we had true faith we would not be sad. Prophets (as), and righteous people experienced a great deal of sadness. The Quran is full of stories in which the central theme is sadness. Sadness is a reality of life. The Quran is not there to eliminate sadness, but to navigate it. Sadness is one of the tests of life, just as happiness, and anger are tests.

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