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  • One can contrive a religious motivation for virtually any choice of action, from commitment to the highest ideals to support for the most horrendous atrocities. In the sacred texts, we can find uplifting calls for peace, justice and mercy, along with the most genocidal passages in the literary canon. Conscience is our guide, whatever trappings we might choose to clothe it in.

    "Noam Chomsky: On Trump and the State of the Union". Interview with George Yancy, July 5, 2017.
  • In reality, genuine epiphanies are extremely rare. In contemporary adult life maturation & acquiescence to reality are gradual processes. Modern usage usually deploys epiphany as a metaphor. It is usually only in dramatic representations, religious iconography, and the 'magical thinking' of children that insight is compressed to a sudden blinding flash.

  • You must be patient, you must wait for the eye of the soul to be formed in you. Religious truth is reached, not by reasoning, but by an inward perception. Anyone can reason; only disciplined, educated, formed minds can perceive.

    Religious   Eye   Waiting  
    John Henry Newman, Francis J. McGrath, FMS, Gerard Tracey (2006). “The Letters and Diaries of John Henry Newman Volume IX: Littlemore and the Parting of Friends May 1842-October 1843”, p.274, Oxford University Press
  • The Palestinians are a despotic, undemocratic grouping which promotes a religious war against Israel, a democracy, through terror.

    Religious   War   Israel  
  • The Bible says somewhere that we are desperately selfish. I think we would have discovered that fact without the Bible.

    Abraham Lincoln, Terence Ball (2013). “Lincoln: Political Writings and Speeches”, p.80, Cambridge University Press
  • Want to learn to forgive? Then consider how you've been forgiven.

    FaceBook post by Max Lucado from Jan 11, 2012
  • The Messiah will only come when he is no longer needed.

  • The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.

    Religious   Men   Issues  
  • If someone spreads hate then they're not your religious leader.

    Religious   Hate   Leader  
    "A Comedian and a Cardinal Open Up on Spirituality". Speech of Stephen Colbert and Timothy M. Dolan at Fordham University, New York City, NY, September 15, 2012.
  • If you want to be holy then you must give time to God and not just intend to.

  • I have always considered Christianity as the strong ground of republicanism. The spirit is opposed, not only to the splendor, but even to the very forms of monarchy, and many of its precepts have for their objects republican liberty and equality as well as simplicity, integrity, and economy in government. It is only necessary for republicanism to ally itself to the Christian religion to overturn all the corrupted political and religious institutions of the world.

  • Whoever does not fight the one who despises him, neither in word not in thought, has received true knowledge and demonstrates a firm trust in God.

  • There's only what you choose, and how you can have it. If you choose peace and joy and love, you won't get much of it through what you're doing. If you choose happiness and contentment, you'll find little of that on the path of doingness. If you choose reunion with God, supreme knowing, deep understanding, endless compassion, total awareness, absolute fulfillment, you won't achieve much of that out of what you're doing.

    "The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue". Book by Neale Donald Walsch, 2005.
  • It was a stretch to imagine that Barbara Walters might want to give it all up for Ed Couch, but Evelyn tried her hardest. Of course, even though she was not religious, it was a comfort to know that the Bible backed her up in being a doormat.

    Fannie Flagg (2013). “Fried Green Tomatoes, Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, and I Still Dream About You: Three Bestselling Novels”, p.60, Random House
  • I've never thought of myself as a religious person.

    "Leonard Cohen: giving Nobel to Bob Dylan like 'pinning medal on Everest'". October 14, 2016.
  • It isn't until you come to a spiritual understanding of who you are - not necessarily a religious feeling, but deep down, the spirit within - that you can begin to take control.

  • If you're not looking forward to church this morning perhaps it's time to look for a church.

    Twitter post from Oct 05, 2014
  • I find the niqab symbol profoundly offensive. I believe it reflects a misogynistic culture that - a treatment of women as property rather than people, which is anchored in Medieval tribal customs as opposed to any religious obligation, but I do not seek to regulate people wearing this objectionable symbol if they choose to do so.

  • I'm not religious, but I believe that what I have is a gift, and I respect it and live up to it.

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  • I'm not religious, so theres no church on Sunday.

  • Now I have to say I'm a complete atheist, I have no religious views myself and no spiritual views, except very watered down humanistic spiritual views, and consciousness is just a fact of life, it's a natural fact of life.

    "David Chalmers on the Big Conundrum: Consciousness". Interview with Natasha Mitchell, August 10, 2003.
  • We were a religious, practicing, Catholic family - Mass together on Sunday, Catholic schools, and parents who practiced everything they preached. A great gift was their total absence of any derogatory talk about people of any race or culture and we were on a street of many faiths, though no other races at that early time.

  • Don't believe everything you think. You cannot be trusted to tell yourself the truth. Stay in The Word.

  • North Eurasia is one of the best examples of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence of Islam and Christianity. This is a rare thing in today's world, even in its most liberal parts.

  • At this very moment, God’s working behind the scenes in your life, arranging things in your favor. Stay in faith!

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    Twitter post from Apr 9, 2012
  • Everybody has a job to do. There are people in Iraq on both sides of this war who do what they do for religious reasons, and they feel with God on their side. Some people are good at annihilating people. Maybe that's their gift.

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  • I really love the traditional aspects of Judaism. My wife is born and raised a Catholic and I enjoy celebrating those rituals as well. I am very spiritual but not in any way religious, no.

  • For over forty years, in a spirit of love, members of the Church have been counseled to be thrifty and self-reliant; to avoid debt; pay tithes and a generous fast offering; be industrious; and have sufficient food, clothing, and fuel on hand to last at least one year. Today there are compelling reasons to reemphasize this counsel.

  • While the sun God will may your day, sing as a song in search of a voice that is silent, and the one God will make for your way.

    Religious   Song   Voice  
  • Many Muslim countries are closed to missionaries, a policy Christians see as a denial of religious liberty.

    "Christians and Muslims". "Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly" with Bob Abernethy, September 19, 2008.
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