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  • The minutes ticked past. This is why peelers need a book. A wee paperback to stick in your pocket.

    Book   Past   Pockets  
    Adrian McKinty (2016). “The Sean Duffy Collection”, p.216, Serpent's Tail
  • Drawing Dead is a brilliant noir from one of Australia's most exciting new novelists.

  • Human beings are pattern-seeking animals. It's part of our DNA. That's why conspiracy theories and gods are so popular: we always look for the wider, bigger explanations for things.

    Animal   Dna   Patterns  
    Adrian McKinty (2016). “The Sean Duffy Collection”, p.278, Serpent's Tail
  • With gas cookers and chip pans in every kitchen, the chip-pan fire was by far the most popular method these Proddies had for burning their houses down. The second technique was the ever popular chimney fire and number three had to be the drunken cigarette drop on the carpet. Mind you, why they'd be cooking chips at this hour was anyone's guess.

    Fire   Numbers   House  
    Adrian McKinty (2012). “The Cold Cold Ground”, p.106, Profile Books
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