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  • When the Son on the Cross promises paradise in his company to the good thief, when he promises the future feast in Heaven to the Apostles, when he speaks of the kingdom of the Father, he is always pointing toward eternity. However brief and close to the earth his words sound, they echo throughout infinite eternity and permeate the faith of his followers with their eternal content. He knows what he speaks of, what he brings with him and what he promises; and he can convey it to those who know it not. The very words he uses are designed to awaken in them a new sense: the sense of the eternal.

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  • Christian love means two things at once: to recognize the Lord in one's neighbor and to recognize one's neighbor in the Lord.

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    Adrienne von Speyr, Adrian Walker (2008). “Lumina and New Lumina”, p.15, Ignatius Press
  • Her [Mary's] motherhood extends beyond view. In the will of the Son, she becomes at once mother and maid: sheltering him, but sheltered in him, forming him, but formed by him ... When she pronounces the words: 'Be it done to me according to thy word', the Mother conceives the mystery from the Trinity, in order to give it to the Son. The Son gives the word back to the Trinity by giving everything he has back to the Father in the Spirit. Then, after the Father has received it again, it is distributed to mankind by means of that extravagant expansioning-the Eucharist and the Holy Spirit.

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  • The first step in learning to love others is the attempt to understand them.

    Adrienne von Speyr, Adrian Walker (2008). “Lumina and New Lumina”, p.16, Ignatius Press
  • And if the years vanish in their course, they are still only successions of days that pass right through us as we pass through them in order to seek constantly what You have to show us... to remain constantly in Your embrace, just as the whole of time remains in the embrace of eternity.

    Adrienne von Speyr (1995). “With God and with Men: Prayers”, p.22, Ignatius Press
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