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  • With your whole body, with your whole heart, with your whole conscience, listen to the Revolution....This is the music everyone who has ears should hear.

    Heart   Ears   Body  
  • When rowan leaves are dank and rusting And rowan berries red as blood, When in my palm the hangman's thrusting The final nail with bony thud, When, over the foul flooding river, Upon the wet grey height, I toss Before my land's grim looks, and shiver As I swing here upon the cross, Then, through the blood and weeping, stretches My dying sight to space remote; I see upon the river's reaches Christ sailing to me in a boat.

    Blood   Land   Rivers  
  • The bourgeois stands like a question mark, Speechless, like the hungry cur, The ancient world stands there behind him, A mongrel dog, afraid to stir.

    Dog   World   Ancient  
  • What message, years of conflagration, have you: madness or hope? On thin cheeks strained by war and liberation bloody reflections still remain.

    War   Reflection   Years  
  • Hell and damnation, life is such fun with a ragged greatcoat and a Jerry gun!

    Fun   War   Gun  
  • The brain is not an organ to be relied upon.

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