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  • The luxury of age was the giving up of vanity.

    Colum McCann (2013). “TransAtlantic”, p.119, A&C Black
  • Sometimes thinking back on things is a mistake arising out of pride, but I guess you live inside a moment for years, move with it and feel it grow, and it sends out roots until it touches everything in sight.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.246, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • There are fewer and fewer Jews in Ireland, but we still have one of the most famous Jewish characters in literary history, of course, in Leopold Bloom.

  • Whenever summer rolls around I begin to realize that I'm a complete and utter book snob. In relation to reading, I have absolutely no guilty pleasures at all. No graphic novels. No murder mysteries. My summer read is really no different from my winter read. I know many bookshops and magazines would have me believe that our summer forays are different, but literature is literature, and unfortunately snobbery is snobbery.

  • He didn't like it all that much when he first came - all the rubbish and the rush - but it was growing on him, it wasn't half bad. Coming to the city was like entering a tunnel, he said, and finding to your surprise that the light at the end didn't matter; sometimes in fact the tunnel made the light tolerable.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.136, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • It had never occurred to me before but everything in New York is built upon another thing, nothing is entirely by itself, each thing as strange as the last, and connected.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.264, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Literature can remind us that not all life is already written down: there are still so many stories to be told.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel”, p.351, Random House
  • Corrigan told me once that Christ was quite easy to understand. He went where He was supposed to go. He stayed where He was needed. He took little or nothing along, a pair of sandals, a bit of a shirt, a few odds and ends to stave off the loneliness. He never rejected the world. If He had rejected it, He would have been rejecting mystery. And if He rejected mystery, He would have been rejecting faith.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.18, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • We seldom know what we're hearing when we hear something for the first time, but one thing is certain: we hear it as we will never hear it again. We return to the moment to experience it, I suppose, but we can never really find it, only its memory, the faintest imprint of what really was, what it meant.

    "Let the Great World Spin". Book by Colum McCann, June 23, 2009.
  • I think one of the biggest political failures, and the biggest social failures, over the past few years has been the failure of empathy; not being able to look at the other person down the street.

    "Colum McCann Links Communities With Storytelling Listen". "Talk of the Nation" with Neal Conan, June 26, 2012.
  • That's what sons do: write to their mothers about recall, tell themselves about the past until they come to realize that they are the past.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel”, p.107, Random House
  • It is not fashionable anymore, I suppose, to have a regard for one's mother in the way my brother and I had then, in the mid-1950s, when the noise outside the window was mostly wind and sea chime.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.11, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Part of me really wants to believe that hope is entirely available to all of us. We don't have to embrace it. It would be sentimental and silly to say that we all need it, but it is absolutely available to all of us.

  • He said to me once that most of the time people use the word love as just another way to show off they're hungry. The way he said it went something like: Glorify their appetites.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.196, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • The job of the writer is to look at where he is now and make some sort of emotional sense of it, not only for that moment but for years to come.

    "Interview with Colum McCann" by Adam Dunn, July 05, 2009.
  • The world spins. We stumble on. It is enough.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel”, p.349, Random House
  • A book is completed only when it is finished by a reader.

  • The real beauty in life is that beauty can sometimes occur.

  • And I suddenly think, as I look across the table at him, that these are the days as they will be. This is the future as we see it. The swerve and the static. The confidence and the doubt.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.242, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Cynicism is easy. An optimist is a braver cynic.

    Colum McCann (2013). “TransAtlantic”, p.107, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • I'm a complete and utter fiction. Then again, we all are.

  • I want the younger writer to know that she or he is meaningful, that what they have to say is powerful in this world. But they can't come indoors, they can't close the curtains, they can't, like, lock themselves away from the world and say nothing.

  • How inevitable it is; we step into an ordinary moment and never come out again.

    Colum McCann (2008). “Zoli: A Novel”, p.84, Random House
  • Everything was fabulous, even our breakdowns.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.109, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • She wanted to tell him so mach, on the tarmac, the day he left. The world is run by brutal men and the surest proof is their armies. If they ask you to stand still, you should dance. If they ask you to burn the flag, wave it. If they ask you to murder, re-create.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.74, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • I think the Northern Ireland accent is one of the most beautiful in the world.

  • I have different books for different times of the day, let alone different seasons of the year!

  • There are rocks deep enough in this earth that no matter what the rupture, they will never see the surface. There is, I think, a fear of love. There is a fear of love.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel”, p.156, Random House
  • There's a part of me that thinks perhaps we go on existing in a place even after we've left it.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let The Great World Spin”, p.263, Bloomsbury Publishing
  • The person we know at first, she thinks, is not the one we know at last.

    Colum McCann (2009). “Let the Great World Spin: A Novel”, p.349, Random House
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