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  • Now I call myself a bleeding heart libertarian. Because I do believe in the principles of Libertarianism as an ideal - because I'm an idealist.

    "Q&A: Neil Peart On Rush's New LP and Being a 'Bleeding Heart Libertarian'". Interview with Andy Greene, June 12, 2012.
  • Whatever is silenced will clamor to be heard, though silently.

    Margaret Atwood (1986). “The Handmaid's Tale”, p.153, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • It is a strange world, a sad world, a world full of miseries, and woes, and troubles; and yet when King Laugh come he make them all dance to the tune he play. Bleeding hearts, and dry bones of the churchyard, and tears that burn as they fall -- all dance together to the music that he make with that smileless mouth of him.

    Kings   Fall   Heart  
    Bram Stoker (2016). “Dracula (Fidia Classics)”, p.171, Bram Stoker
  • Society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power.

    Interview with Tim Ralfe, CBC, October 13, 1970.
  • My austerities, fasting and prayers are, I know, of no value if I rely upon them for reforming me. My penance is the prayer of a bleeding heart for forgiveness for sins unwittingly committed.

  • The only ‘realistic’ prospect is to ground a new political universality by opting for the impossible, fully assuming the place of the exception, with no taboos, no a priori norms (‘human rights,’ ‘democracy’), respect for which would prevent us from ‘resignifying’ terror, the ruthless exercise of power, the spirit of sacrifice … if this radical choice is decried by some bleeding-heart liberals as Linksfaschismus, so be it!

  • There are a lot of bleeding hearts around who just dont like to see people with helmets and guns. All I can say is go and bleed It is more important to keep law and order in society than to be worried about weak-kneed people Society must take every means at its disposal to defend itself against the emergence of a parallel power which defies the elected power.

    Heart   Mean   Gun  
  • Never, never mind your bleeding heart.

    Heart   Mind   Bleeding  
    "Regina Spektor: 'I See My Family ... In Everybody'". Interview with Audie Cornish, October 3, 2016.
  • ..we wear the mask that grins and lies, it hides our cheeks and shades our eyes- this debt we pay to human guile; with torn and bleeding hearts we smile.

    Smile   Lying   Eye  
    1895 'We Wear the Mask', stanza 1.
  • Well. Then we had the irises, rising beautiful and cool on their tall stalks, like blown glass, like pastel water momentarily frozen in a splash, light blue, light mauve, and the darker ones, velvet and purple, black cat's ears in the sun, indigo shadow, and the bleeding hearts, so female in shape it was a surprise they'd not long since been rooted out. There is something subversive about this garden of Serena's, a sense of buried things bursting upwards, wordlessly, into the light, as if to point, to say: Whatever is silenced will clamor to be heard, though silently.

    Beautiful   Cat   Heart  
    Margaret Atwood (1986). “The Handmaid's Tale”, p.153, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • A person of good intelligence and of sensitivity cannot exist in this society very long without having some anger about the inequality - and it's not just a bleeding-heart, knee-jerk, liberal kind of a thing - it is just a normal human reaction to a nonsensical set of values where we have cinnamon flavored dental floss and there are people sleeping in the street.

  • Pay mind to your own life, your own health, and wholeness. A bleeding heart is of no help to anyone if it bleeds to death.

    Heart   Mind   Pay  
  • We wear the mask that grins and lies, It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes,- - This debt we pay to human guile; With torn and bleeding hearts we smile And mouth with myriad subtleties. Why should the world be otherwise, In counting all our tears and sighs? Nay, let them only see thus, while We wear the mask. We smile, but, O great Christ, our cries To thee from tortured souls arise. We sing, but oh the clay is vile Beneath our feet, and long the mile; But let the world dream otherwise, We wear the mask!

    Dream   Lying   Heart  
    Paul Laurence Dunbar (2004). “Selected Poems”, p.85, Penguin
  • Conservatives, who have presumed that the key to preventing AIDS is abstinence-only education, and liberals, who have focused on distribution of condoms, should both note that the intervention that has tested most cost-effective in Africa is neither... Secular bleeding hearts and religious bleeding hearts will have to forge a common cause.

    Religious   Heart   Keys  
  • We wear the mask that grins and lies.

    "We Wear the Mask" l. 1, 14 (1895)
  • In that inevitable, excruciatingly human moment, we are offered a powerful choice. This choice is perhaps one of the most vitally important choices we will ever make, and it determines the course of our lives from that moment forward. The choice is this: Will we interpret this loss as so unjust, unfair, and devastating that we feel punished, angry, forever and fatally wounded-- or, as our heart, torn apart, bleeds its anguish of sheer, wordless grief, will we somehow feel this loss as an opportunity to become more tender, more open, more passionately alive, more grateful for what remains?

    Death   Powerful   Grief  
  • I was a bleeding-heart liberal, until I got a job.

    Jobs   Heart   Bleeding  
  • The trouble with socialists is that they let their bleeding hearts go to their bloody heads.

  • Soon the purple dark must bruise Lily and bleeding-heart and rose, And the little Cupid lose Eyes and ears and chin and nose

    Heart   Eye   Dark  
    Donald Justice (2009). “Collected Poems”, p.40, Knopf
  • So many people there are in politics that they're overly cautious about laughing at stuff. They're so damned concerned about what everyone else is thinking. What are they worried about? Nobody ever walked into a show as a bleeding heart liberal and had a comedian undo 30 years of life experience.

    Heart   Thinking   Years  
  • Bleeding heart, he’d called her. Well. He should know. He’d been the first to rip it to pieces.

    Rip   Heart   Pieces  
    Jodi Picoult (2013). “Nineteen Minutes: A Novel”, p.56, Simon and Schuster
  • I need a soul mate so that I can be who I am, naked. I want there to be someone who picks up my heavy, bleeding heart and takes it somewhere safe and warm.

  • One bleeding-heart type asked me in a recent interview if I did not agree that 'violence begets violence.' I told him that it is my earnest endeavor to see that it does. I would like very much to ensure - and in some cases I have - that any man who offers violence to his fellow citizen begets a whole lot more in return than he can enjoy.

    Heart   Gun   Men  
    "Cooper Vs. Terrorism" by Jeff Cooper,
  • I feel incredibly successful. I make a living as a writer and am able to help support a big family, my church, my bleeding-heart causes.

  • I'm a 'bleeding-heart liberal,' one of those card-carrying Democrats that Rush Limbaugh thinks is a communist. And I'm proud of it.

    Heart   Thinking   Cards  
  • If all these guys think that nothing is going to come out for 100 years, they're going to act a whole lot more boldly. So we need to get back into the declassification business. This notion of overclassification is not just a bleeding-heart liberal issue. When everything is classified, nothing is classified.

    Heart   Thinking   Years  
  • Life is not orderly. No matter how we try to make life so, right in the middle of it we die, lose a leg, fall in love, drop a jar of applesauce. In summer, we work hard to make a tidy garden, bordered by pansies with rows or clumps of columbine, petunias, bleeding hearts. Then we find ourselves longing for the forest, where everything has the appearance of disorder; yet we feel peaceful there.

    Natalie Goldberg (2011). “Wild Mind: Living the Writer’s Life”, p.6, Open Road Media
  • The more you suffer the deeper grows your character, and with the deepening of your character you read the more penetratingly into the secrets of life. All great artists, all great religious leaders, and all great social reformers have come out of the intensest struggles which they fought bravely, quite frequently in tears and with bleeding hearts

  • So John took out of his pocket A knife both long and sharp, And stuck it through his brother's heart, And the blood came pouring down. Says John to William, "Take off thy shirt, And tear it from gore to gore, And wrap it round your bleeding heart, And the blood will pour no more.

    Brother   Heart   Blood  
    Cassandra Clare (2011). “Clockwork Prince”, p.361, Simon and Schuster
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