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  • We speak, indeed, of the wrath of God. We do not, however, assert that it indicates any passion on His part, but that it is something which is assumed in order to discipline by stern means those sinners who have committed many and grievous sins.

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    Source: www.patheos.com
  • The cliché, God hates the sin but love the sinner, is false on the face of it and should be abandoned. Fourteen times in the first fifty Psalms alone, we are told that God hates the sinner, His wrath is on the liar, and so forth. In the Bible, the wrath of God rests both on the sin (Romans 1:18ff) and on the sinner (John 3:36).

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  • WRATH, n. Anger of a superior quality and degree, appropriate to exalted characters and momentous occasions; as, "the wrath of God," "the day of wrath," etc. . . .

    Ambrose Bierce (2012). “The Devil's Dictionary”, p.137, Courier Corporation
  • Jesus did not die just to give us peace and a purpose in life; he died to save us from the wrath of God.

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    Jerry Bridges (2016). “The Practice of Godliness”, p.22, NavPress
  • A Christian is the greatest freeman in the world; he is free from the wrath of God, free from hell and damnation, from the curse of the law; but then, though he be free in these respects, yet, in regard of love, he is the greatest servant. Love abaseth him to do all the good that he can; and the more the Spirit of Christ is in us, the more it will abase us to anything wherein we can be serviceable.

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    Richard Sibbes (2015). “Complete Works of Richard Sibbes: (7 Volume Set)”, p.14, Titus Books
  • A god who is all love, all grace, all mercy, no sovereignty, no justice, no holiness, and no wrath is an idol.

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    Twitter post from Nov 17, 2015
  • Christ exposed Himself not only to the unbridled hostility of angry men, but, more significantly, to the unmitigated wrath of God.

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  • What is sin? It is the glory of God not honored. The holiness of God not reverenced. The greatness of God not admired. The power of God not praised. The truth of God not sought. The wisdom of God not esteemed. The beauty of God not treasured. The goodness of God not savored. The faithfulness of God not trusted. The commandments of God not obeyed. The justice of God not respected. The wrath of God not feared. The grace of God not cherished. The presence of God not prized. The person of God not loved. That is sin.

  • There is in St. Paul's definite, soul-stirring assertion of the wrath of God and the reality of the judgment at hand, a truth more profound than any that underlies our somewhat enfeebled ideas of universal benevolence and the determined progress of the race.

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    Roland Allen (2016). “Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours?”, p.70, Gideon House Books
  • The most violent expression of God's wrath and justice is seen in the Cross. If ever a person had room to complain for injustice, it was Jesus. He was the only innocent man ever to be punished by God. If we stagger at the wrath of God, let us stagger at the Cross. Here is where our astonishment should be focused.

    R. C. Sproul (2010). “Classic Teachings on the Nature of God”, p.89, Hendrickson Publishers
  • A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

  • Christmas: the Son of God expressing the love of God to save us from the wrath of God so we could enjoy the presence of God.

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  • Both the Moral Majority, who are recycling medieval language to explain AIDS, and those ultra-leftists who attribute AIDS to some sort of conspiracy, have a clearly political analysis of the epidemic. But even if one attributes its cause to a microorganism rather than the wrath of God, or the workings of the CIA, it is clear that the way in which AIDS has been perceived, conceptualized, imagined, researched and financed makes this the most political of diseases.

  • I am certain that to preach the wrath of God with a hard heart, a cold lip, a tearless eye, and an unfeeling spirit is to harden men, not benefit them.

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    Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1988). “Spurgeon at His Best: Over 2200 Striking Quotations from the World's Most Exhaustive and Widely-read Sermon Series”, Baker Publishing Group
  • Concerning alchemy it is more difficult to discover the actual state of things, in that the historians who specialise in this field seem sometimes to be under the wrath of God themselves; for, like those who write of the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy or on Spanish politics, they seem to become tinctured with the kind of lunacy they set out to describe.

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    Herbert Butterfield (1997). “The Origins of Modern Science”, p.141, Simon and Schuster
  • Whoever will be president, if they wish to save America from the Wrath of God and the course that America is on, which will bring about America's destruction, they must consider justice for the Black and the Red and the Brown. If they do not consider that by separating the Black man and woman and allowing us to go free to build a nation of our own, this and this alone will turn away the wrath of God, will lessen the storms, and lessen the increased Judgment of God using the forces of nature.

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    "Farrakhan: 'I never endorsed Mr. Trump or any of the candidates'". Interview with Richard Muhammad, www.finalcall.com. March 8, 2016.
  • The wrath of God is a way of saying that I have been living in a way that is contrary to the love that is God. Anyone who begins to live and grow away from God, who lives away from what is good, is turning his life toward wrath.

    Wrath   Way   Grows  
    "God and the World. Believing and Living in Our Time". Book by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, June 11, 2002.
  • You regard it as impossible that a sinner should be struck down by the wrath of God! I do not!

    Agatha Christie (1978). “The mousetrap, & other plays”, Putnam Adult
  • Don't let the sun go down on me.

    Song: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, 1974
  • Farewell unhappy, hopeless, blasphemous Rome! The Wrath of God has come upon you, as you deserve. We cared for Babylon, and she is not healed; let us then leave her, that she may become the habitation of dragons, spectres, and witches.

  • If there be a man before me who says that the wrath of God is too heavy a punishment for his little sin, I ask him, if the sin be little, why does he not give it up?

    Men   Wrath   Giving  
    Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1988). “Spurgeon at His Best: Over 2200 Striking Quotations from the World's Most Exhaustive and Widely-read Sermon Series”, Baker Publishing Group
  • The early evangelists recognized they could help the Jesus story make sense if Jesus was seen as someone who was chosen to appease the wrath of God - hence, the 'anointed one' who could do what no one else could do.

    Jesus   Wrath   Stories  
    Doug Pagitt (2012). “A Christianity Worth Believing: Hope-filled, Open-armed, Alive-and-well Faith for the Left Out, Left Behind, and Let Down in us All”, p.99, John Wiley & Sons
  • Like Muslims we assume that God will judge us "on balance." If our good deeds outweigh our bad deeds, we will arrive safely in heaven. But, alas, if our evil deeds outweigh our good ones, we will suffer the wrath of God in hell. We may be "marred" by sin but in no wise devastated by it. We still have the ability to balance our sins with our own righteousness. This is the most monstrous lie of all.

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  • It is no strain of metaphor to say that the love of God and the wrath of God are the same thing, described from opposite points of view. How we shall experience it depends upon the way we shall come up against it: God does not change; it is man's moral state that changes. The wrath of God is a figure of speech to denote God's unchanging opposition to sin; it is His righteous love operating to destroy evil. It is not evil that will have the last word, but good; not sorrow, but joy; not hate, but love.

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  • The wisdom of God devised a way for the love of God to deliver sinners from the wrath of God while not compromising the righteousness of God.

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  • I want our people to beware that no matter how good the promise is - it is not to be carried out. The only thing I say again that will make America safe is to: Let the Black man and woman go into a state or territory of our own, and help us in that territory for the next 20 to 25 years until we are able to go for self. This will solve the problem between Black and White. And Allah (God) promises that America will get an extension of time and the Wrath of God will be turned aside from this nation.

    "Farrakhan: 'I never endorsed Mr. Trump or any of the candidates'". Interview by Richard B. Muhammad, www.finalcall.com. March 8, 2016.
  • Neither Bernie Sanders, Hillary [Clinton], nor [Donald] Trump can stop the Wrath of God that is coming down on America.

    Wrath   America   Clinton  
    "The Breakfast Club Interview with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan". www.finalcall.com. July 5, 2016.
  • Your greatest need is not a spouse. Your greatest need is to be delivered from the wrath of God - and that has already been accomplished for you through the death and resurrection of Christ. So why doubt that God will provide a much, much lesser need? Trust His sovereignty, trust His wisdom, trust His love.

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  • AugustineThe wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy. To love with sternness is better than to deceive with gentleness.... In Luke [14:23] it is written: "Compel people to come in!" By threats of the wrath of God, the Father draws souls to his Son.

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  • Suddenly contemporary Christianity sales pitches don't seem adequate anymore. Ask Jesus to come into your heart. Invite Jesus to come into your life. Pray this prayer, sign this card, walk down this aisle, and accept Jesus as your personal Savior. . . We have taken the infinitely glorious Son of God, who endured the infinitely terrible wrath of God and who now reigns as the infinitely worthy Lord of all, and we have reduced him to a poor, puny Savior who is just begging for us to accept him. Accept him? Do we really think Jesus needs our acceptance? Don't we need him?

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