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  • Family is fun, way more fun than music.

    Fun   Way  
  • I wouldn't want someone assuming that some negative song has some truth between me and my wife. There was a song that one of my buddies sent me, and it was an awesome song. It was about this woman who had fallen in love with a man that wasn't her husband, and I love everything about the song except for the fact that I personally cannot sing it. It would kill me if someone thought I was singing it about my wife.

    Song   Husband   Men  
  • I still have a lot of passion for music, but I would quit it tomorrow if that's what my family needed me to do. I'm sure I'd miss it, but it's a job.

    Jobs   Passion   Missing  
  • I always tell people that my primary job is being a dad and husband. Music is just what pays the bills.

    Jobs   Husband   Dad  
  • Once I made up my mind that music was what I wanted to do, I never looked back.

    Mind   Made   Wanted  
  • I keep a pretty tight grip on my schedule and I compare it a lot to a fireman's - a four-on then four-off type of deal.

  • I think most performers are just lazy.

  • You should work at everything you do and try to perfect it as best you can.

    Perfect   Trying   Should  
  • There might be some of them that don't care. To me, it's important that my fans know how much I appreciate them.

  • I just never gave anything else much thought after music. I just hope that I'm doing what God intended me to do, and that's all.

  • There's just enough drinking and cheating songs around without me adding to them. Unless you've got something better than "Misery and Gin" by Merle Haggard, you're beating a dead horse.

    Cheating   Song   Horse  
  • I would rather have 100,000 fans for a lifetime than a million for a couple years.

    Couple   Years   Fans  
  • I couldn't write a song to save my life. I wouldn't say that I started to panic, but I was definitely getting frustrated. I couldn't even cross a t or dot an i.

  • I put everything in God's hands, asking him to give me strength and understanding. I asked him to help me to be strong for my family and that he would continue to take care of us. One day, shortly after that, I woke up really inspired.

    Strong   Hands   Giving  
  • I'd like to think that throughout my career whatever my current record is has 110% of my best.

  • I'm living the dream. I've got a big tour bus, an incredible band, a big house, and a family that are all taken care of through my music. I've got a beautiful wife and three beautiful kids.

    Beautiful   Dream   Taken  
  • I don't understand how a musician can play 90 minutes on stage and then not dedicate a little bit of time to hang out at their merch table. It's not like digging a ditch or something; you're standing there thanking people for coming out to see you.

    Play   People   Musician  
  • I want to keep my fan base supplied with a steady chain of music.

    Fans   Want   Chains  
  • I'll work to maintain my work ethic out on the road, playing my shows, giving 110%, keeping God first, my family second, and treating my fans like royalty.

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