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  • Sometimes I feel like a caretaker of a museum -- a huge, empty museum where no one ever comes, and I'm watching over it for no one but myself.

  • No matter how far you travel, you can never get away from yourself.

    Haruki Murakami (2011). “After The Quake”, p.10, Random House
  • A man is like a two-story house. The first floor is equipped with an entrance and a living room. On the second floor is every family member's room. They enjoy listening to music and reading books. On the first underground floor is the ruin of people's memories. The room filled with darkness is the second underground floor.

    Source: yositeru.blogspot.com
  • A person's last moments are an important thing. You can't choose how you're born but you can choose how you die.

  • Things may look different to you than they did before. I've had that experience myself. But don't let appearances fool you. There's only one reality.

    "1Q84: Books 1 and 2". Book by Haruki Murakami, 2011.
  • Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that's how we've got to live.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Jun 12, 2011
  • So I made up my mind I was going to find someone who would love me unconditionally three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Watanabe: Wow, and did your search pay off? M: That's the hard part. I guess I've been waiting so long I'm looking for perfection. That makes it tough.

  • I didn't read so much Japanese literature. Because my father was a teacher of Japanese literature, I just wanted to do something else.

    "What Haruki Murakami talks about". Interview with Heidi Benson, www.sfgate.com. October 26, 2008.
  • When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it.

    Haruki Murakami (2011). “Norwegian Wood”, p.354, Random House
  • Maybe the only thing I can definitely say about is this: That’s life. Maybe the only thing we can do is accept it, without really knowing what’s going on.

  • What we needed were not words and promises but a steady accumulation of small realities.

  • I’ve had that kind of experience myself: I’m looking at a map and I see someplace that makes me think, ‘I absolutely have to go to this place, no matter what’. And most of the time, for some reason, the place is far away and hard to get to. I feel this overwhelming desire to know what kind of scenery the place has, or what people are doing there. It’s like measles - you can’t show other people exactly where the passion comes from. It’s curiosity in the purest sense. An inexplicable inspiration.

    Haruki Murakami (2011). “1Q84: Books 1 and 2”, p.276, Random House
  • Mere humans who root through their refrigerators at three o'clock in the morning can only produce writing that matches what they do. And that includes me.

    "Marathon man". Interview with Richard Williams, www.theguardian.com. May 16, 2003.
  • For me, writing a novel is like having a dream. Writing a novel lets me intentionally dream while I'm still awake. I can continue yesterday's dream today, something you can't normally do in everyday life.

    "Kafka on the Shore, readers at sea" by Sam Jordison, www.theguardian.com. August 20, 2015.
  • I may be the type who manages to grab all the pointless things in life but lets the really important things slip away.

  • Did you ever see anyone shot by a gun without bleeding?

    "Sputnik Sweetheart". Book by Haruki Murakami, 1999.
  • Time is too conceptual. Not that it stops us from filling it in. So much so, we can't even tell whether our experiences belong to time or to the world of physical things.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Jun 12, 2015
  • Not that running away's going to solve everything. I don't want to rain on your parade or anything, but I wouldn't count on escaping this place if I were you. No matter how far you run. Distance might not solve anything.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Mar 21, 2016
  • For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor. Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself. At least that’s why I’ve put in the effort day after day: to raise my own level. I’m no great runner, by any means. I’m at an ordinary – or perhaps more like mediocre – level. But that’s not the point. The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday. In long-distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Jun 03, 2015
  • Everybody burns out in this world; amateur, pro, it doesn't matter, they all burn out, they all get hurt, the OK guys and the not-OK guys both. That's why everybody takes out a little insurance. I've got some too, here at the bottom of the heap. That way, you manage to survive if you burn out. If you're all by yourself and don't belong anywhere, you go down once, and you're out. Finished.

    Haruki Murakami (2011). “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle”, p.454, Random House
  • I have a million things to talk to you about. All I want in this world is you. I want to see you and talk. I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Feb 14, 2017
  • Not just beautiful, though--the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they're watching me.

  • I used to think the years would go by in order, that you get older one year at a time. But it's not like that. It happens overnight.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from May 05, 2014
  • A strange, terrific force unlike anything I've ever experienced is sprouting in my heart, taking root there, growing. Shut up behind my rib cage, my warm heart expands and contracts independent of my will--over and over.

    FaceBook post by Haruki Murakami from Oct 22, 2014
  • Okay, let’s put it this way. I would like to sleep with you. But it’s alright if I don’t sleep with you. What I’m saying is I’d like to be as fair as possible. I don’t want to force anything on anybody, any more than I’d want anything forced on me. It’s enough that I feel your presence or see your commas swirling around me.

  • I never plan. I never know what the next page is going to be..... But that's the fun of writing a novel or a story, because I don't know what's going to happen next.

  • Since I have come to America, I am often asked whether my next novel will be set in America. I don't think it will. I think I will be living in America for some time to come, but while living in America, I would like to write about Japanese society from the outside.

  • Whenever I look at the ocean, I always want to talk to people, but when I'm talking to people, I always want to look at the ocean.

  • The best thing would be to break your neck, but you'd probably just break your leg and then you couldn't do a thing. You'd yell at the top of your lungs, but nobody;d hear you, and you couldn't expect anybody to find you, and you'd have centipedes and spiders crawling all over you, and the bones of the ones who died before are scattered all around you, and it's dark and soggy, and way overhead there's this tiny, tiny circle of light like a winter moon. You die there in this place, little by little, all by yourself.

    Haruki Murakami (2007). “Vintage Murakami”, p.9, Vintage
  • You couldn’t begin to imagine who I am, where I’m going, or what I’m about to do, All of you are trapped here. You can’t go anywhere, forward or back. But I’m not like you. I have work to do. I have a mission to accomplish. And so, with your permission, I shall move ahead.

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