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  • Interior decorating is a rock-hard science compared to psychology practiced by amateurs.

    Antonin Scalia (2012). “Scalia Dissents: Writings of the Supreme Court's Wittiest, Most Outspoken Justice”, p.141, Regnery Publishing
  • I see my work plagiarized in gardening programmes and decorating programmes and car adverts, and I suppose I have to accept that's just the way art gets assimilated into culture.

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  • After the design is firmly fixed, the decoration is added. Decorating is the final enhancement.

  • My passion is interior decorating. My goal for the next years is to get into carpentry, because I really want to learn how to make my own furniture.

    Passion   Years   Goal  
    "Anne Hathaway learns from a legend in 'Prada'". The Associated Press Interview, June 21, 2006.
  • Design is not about decorating functional forms - it is about creating forms that accord with the character of the object and that show new technologies to advantage.

  • Maybe the purchasing and the making and the wrapping and the decorating - those delightfully generous and important expressions of our love at Christmas - should be separated, if only slightly, from the more quiet, personal moments when we consider the meaning of the Baby (and his birth) who prompts the giving of such gifts.

  • Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept imprisoned.

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  • What a house. Turns out they're doing OK, the Malfoy's. However, the interior decorating leaves a lot to be desired. And needless to say, Voldemort isn't the greatest houseguest.

  • The point of decorating, as far as I can tell, is to create the background for the best life you can have.

  • I don't think of decorating as a science or a discipline. People always say start with the rug, but it is often the last thing I end up selecting. I begin with whatever makes my heart sing.

  • My decorating and renovation skills are nil - indeed, I once used a shower curtain from Pottery Barn as 'window dressing.

    Skills   Barns   Pottery  
  • Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing.

    Real   Design   Together  
  • In religions which have lost their creative spark, the gods eventually become no more than poetic motifs or ornaments for decorating human solitude and walls.

    Nikos Kazantzakis, Carl Wildman (1953). “Zorba the Greek”, p.133, Simon and Schuster
  • I love decorating my home. I'm a gardener too, so that's usually something I have to play catch up with

    Home   Garden   Play  
  • We followed the bondage Bobbsey Twins across the crowded dance floor. Those leather shorts were an adventure from behind, let me tell you. And the pictures of Elvis decorating the walls were an education, too. It wasn’t often you ran into a bondage/Elvis/ whorehouse-themed vampire club.

    Charlaine Harris (2011). “Dead Reckoning: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel”, p.59, Penguin
  • An interior designer must be able to clarify his intent keeping ever in mind that decorating is not a look, it's a point of view.

    Views   Design   Mind  
  • A 'school-at-home' approach to homeschooling is just decorating the electric chair in different colors.

    Home   Learning   School  
  • Surely there must be some way to find a husband or, for that matter, merely an escort, without sacrificing one's privacy, self-respect, and interior decorating scheme. For example, men could be imported from the developing countries, many parts of which are suffering from a man excess, at least in relation to local food supply.

    Barbara Ehrenreich (1990). “WORST YEARS OF OUR LIVES”, Pantheon
  • I have always believed that the more educated the clients are, the easier they are to work with. Clients with a knowledge of decorating, and an ability to articulate what they want from the finished project, make the designer's job easier.

    Jobs   Design   Want  
  • It's important to pull tons of pieces! If you have lots of options to choose from, you can play around and see that things that you wouldn't originally have expected to work together actually do! That applies to both clothing and decorating.

  • Don’t lie. You know you like to view but not to buy. I have found that I am not a space where people want to live, at least not without decorating first. And that is the stubbornness in me: I do not want to be someone’s little home.

    Lying   Home   Views  
  • I like my house to be unique to me. Sure, I've bought plenty of things out of a catalog, but the way I put them together in my home is special. You might have bought your sofa at a major home decorating store, but the rug you found at the flea market is so unique, it takes your room from 'carbon copy' to 'simply yours' in no time.

  • Decorating is like math, a game of adding and subtracting.

    Math   Games   Design  
  • Christmas always rustled. It rustled every time, mysteriously, with silver and gold paper, tissue paper and a rich abundance of shiny paper, decorating and hiding everything and giving a feeling of reckless extravagance.

    Giving   Feelings   Gold  
  • If bad decorating was a hanging offense, there'd be bodies hanging from every tree!

    Tree   Body   Decorating  
  • I'm an actor. I'm just a creative person. I figure if I wasn't a good writer, I'd take to renovating homes... not renovating... decorating homes.

    Home   Creative   Actors  
    "Interview: Andrea Gabriel from ‘Lost’". Interview with Emma Loggins, March 2, 2010.
  • I prefer things that are private, so I love recording and I love making films, as a filmmaker, because it uses every bit of what you have experienced or know, whether it's graphics composition, decorating, psychology, storytelling, or whatever it is. It's a wonderful thing.

  • Every year, like a good Catholic, I wait for Christmas. Putting up the lights, decorating the tree, making sweets and then unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning... its a tradition my family has followed since I was very little.

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  • You might be a redneck if you watch Little House on the Prairie for decorating tips.

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  • Have you ever considered how much pure stuff and nonsense surrounds this subject of interior decoration? Probably not. Almost everyone believes that there is something deep and mysterious about it or that you have to know all sorts of complicated details about periods before you can lift a finger. Well, you don't. Decorating is just sheer fun: a delight in color, an awareness of balance, a feeling for lighting, a sense of style, a zest for life and an amused enjoyment of the smart accessories of the moment.

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