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  • Diet is a big thing. I am a firm believer in you are what you eat. I juice a lot, I try and stick to a Paleo Diet. At its core, I look at MS as inflammation, so I try and eliminate foods that cause inflammation: dairy, gluten, grains.

  • Music is my juice. I like building gear and making records.

    Gears   Juice   Records  
    Source: puregrainaudio.com
  • Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced that it raised over $1.5 million in the 24 hours after he announced his bid. Meanwhile, a 12-year-old on Kickstarter just raised $7 million in five minutes after announcing his idea for juice box water guns.

    Gun   Years   Ideas  
  • I had this totally impossible dream of being an actress. Trust me, just because I'm lucky enough to be doing this doesn't make any of this less of a pipe dream. And nothing gets my juices flowing like a really great performance. To see someone on stage, I get really excited.

    Dream   Lucky   Juice  
    "Biography/ Personal Quotes". www.imdb.com.
  • I love to create this green juice shake made from kale, spinach, cucumber and wheatgrass. The nutrients in the juice help me recover after a tough workout. The Kale Banana Smoothie at LYFE Kitchen is very similar to my recipe and is fantastic.

    Workout   Kale   Kitchen  
    "Training Tips for the No-Offseason Athlete". Interview, www.huffingtonpost.com. October 16, 2012.
  • The brain secretes thought as the stomach secretes gastric juice, the liver bile, and the kidneys urine.

    Brain   Kidneys   Juice  
    Kohlerglaube and Wissenschaft
  • Toil, and be strong; by toil the flaccid nerves Grow firm, and gain a more compacted tone: The greener juices are by toil subdued, Mellow'd, and subtilis'd; the vapid old Expell'd, and all the rancor of the blood.

    Strong   Blood   Vapid  
  • I can’t wait to find out how you taste, and you won’t want me to stop even after I’ve completely exhausted you. You’ll think you were on fire, your skin will burn. I’ll suck all of your juices out of you. And then I’ll drink your blood.

    Thinking   Fire   Blood  
    Jeaniene Frost (2010). “Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel”, p.67, Hachette UK
  • What really changed my life was watching the movie Juice and the opening scene - just hearing that record rotate. When I heard that I started getting serious about DJing and making beats and recording myself on the four-track.

    Track   Juice   Records  
    Source: pitchfork.com
  • We were just drinking some joint juice earlier.

    "Our Five Favorite Hip Hop Squares Quotes" by Marissa G. Muller, www.mtv.com. May 23, 2012.
  • Well you know for me, the action is the juice.

    Cinema   Juice   Action  
  • Every time you go out there, you want to be a little nervous, have a little bit of butterflies in your stomach and get the juices flowing.

  • ... I looked through the car's rear window for a final wave, and it felt like someone had invaded my chest and squeezed all the juice out of my heart until it was a tiny dry sponge.

    Heart   Car   Finals  
  • Her skin is pale as watermelon sucked free of its juices.

    Skins   Juice   Pale  
    Jaclyn Moriarty (2010). “The Ghosts Of Ashbury High”, p.20, Scholastic Inc.
  • Some ideas are not born of logic and good sense. They are made of clouds and cobwebs. They sprout from nowhere and feed on excitement, sprinkled with adventure juice and the sweet flavor of the forbidden. The psyche moves from the realms of the ordinary and takes a delicate step towards the unknown. We know we shouldn't and that is exactly why we do.

  • It is the first day because it has never been before and the last day because it will never be again. Be alive, if you can, all through this day - today - of your life. What's to be done? What's to be done? Follow your feet. Put on the coffee. Start the orange juice, the bacon, the toast. Then go wake up your children and your spouse. Think about the work of your hands. Live in the needs of the day.

    Frederick Buechner (1970). “The alphabet of grace”
  • The rich women, to avoid dividing the inheritance among many, kill their own fetus in the womb and with murderous juices extinguish in the genital chamber their children.

  • As every writer knows... there is something mysterious about the writer's ability, on any given day, to write. When the juices are flowing, or the writer is 'hot', an invisible wall seems to fall away, and the writer moves easily and surely from one kind of reality to another... Every writer has experienced at least moments of this strange, magical state. Reading student fiction one can spot at once where the power turns on and where it turns off, where the writer writes from 'inspiration' or deep, flowing vision, and where he had to struggle along on mere intellect.

    Wall   Struggle   Moving  
  • The citric acid in lemon juice makes it perfect for bleaching, disinfecting and cutting through grease. And olive oil is a great alternative to furniture polish.

    Cutting   Oil   Perfect  
  • Music can lift us out of depression or move us to tears - it is a remedy, a tonic, orange juice for the ear. But for many of my neurological patients, music is even more - it can provide access, even when no medication can, to movement, to speech, to life. For them, music is not a luxury, but a necessity.

  • It's weird because every movie that I do is always a role that reminds me of a role that 'Pac would have done. And when 'Pac did 'Juice,' he was young - probably like 21, 22 - something like that. And that's my favorite actor. I know it might be weird to say, but he was talented on screen, and that's who I studied.

    Done   Might   Roles  
  • These ante meridiem cats, insomniacs... Four in the mornin' we throwin back some Cognac juice.

    Rap   Cat   Hip Hop  
  • Put a good bunch of grapes under the winepress, and a delicious juice will come out. Under the winepress of the cross, our soul produces a juice that feeds and strengthens us. When we haven't got any crosses, we are dry. If we carry them with resignation, what happiness, what sweetness we feel!

    Soul   Juice   Dry  
  • Food, like anything else, lives in the physical world and obeys the laws of physics. When you whisk together some oil and a little bit of lemon juice - or, in other words, make mayonnaise - you are using the principles of physics and chemistry. Understanding how those principles affect cooking lets you cook better.

    Law   Oil   Understanding  
    "Nathan Myhrvold on Modernist Cuisine 'Culinary History Has To Be Analyzed Like Art History'". SPIEGEL Interview, www.spiegel.de. April 21, 2011.
  • What is all this juice and all this joy?

    Gerard Manley Hopkins (1995). “"God's Grandeur" and Other Poems”, p.16, Courier Corporation
  • Keep the juices flowing by jangling around gently as you move.

    "How to Keep Young," Collier's, 13 June 1953
  • Escape plan number seventeen," I told her. "Run away and open a juice stand in Fresno." "Why Fresno?" "Sounds like the kind of place people drink a lot of juice.

  • Unlike dragons, I love spicy salsa. In fact, the spicier the better. For me, the ideal taco toppings are chopped onion, some cilantro and a bit of lime juice. I like the classic Mexican style. I like crunchy, Tex-Mex, cheese-slathered too, but I prefer to keep it simple.

    Source: www.sheknows.com
  • I love good food. For me, that means lots of green juice, salad, and good dark chocolate.

    Mean   Dark   Chocolate  
    "Stephanie Ellis on being vegetarian, human trafficking, and taking ownership of your life". Interview with Maranda Pleasant, www.marandapleasantmedia.com.
  • I eat three meals a day and three juices a day.

    Meals   Three   Juice  
    "Q & A | Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger". Interview with Julie Earle-levine, tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com. May 2, 2013.
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