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  • The right of self-government does not comprehend the government of others.

    Government   Self   Doe  
    Thomas Jefferson, Henry Augustine Washington (1854). “The Writings of Thomas Jefferson: Correspondence, cont”, p.499
  • If someone decides they're not going to be happy, it's not your problem. You don't have to spend your time and energy trying to cheer up someone who has already decided to stay in a bad mood. Believe it or not, you can actually hurt people by playing into their self-pity.

    Depression   Hurt   Cheer  
  • Allowing the pain of personal growth to be a crucible of your spirit-the alchemical grail through which the metal of your former self turns into gold-is one of the highest callings of life. Pain can burn you up and destroy you, or burn you up and redeem you. It can deliver you to an entrenched despair, or deliver you to your higher self. At midlife we decide, consciously or unconsciously, the path of the victim or the path of the phoenix when it is rising up at last.

    Pain   Self   Phoenix  
    Marianne Williamson (2009). “The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife: Easyread Super Large 20pt Edition”, p.74,
  • Trivers, pursuing his theory of the emotions to its logical conclusion, notes that in a world of walking lie detectors the best strategy is to believe your own lies. You can’t leak your hidden intentions if you don’t think they are your intentions. According to his theory of self-deception, the conscious mind sometimes hides the truth from itself the better to hide it from others. But the truth is useful, so it should be registered somewhere in the mind, walled off from the parts that interact with other people.

  • Are psychiatric crises so overwhelming to the mind that they inhibit the presence of ethics? Is depression at root an amoral phenomenon, its focus on the self preventing any other from really counting? Perhaps. Sometimes. Sometimes, even when we are two we are really only one; we can feel nothing but our own bones, our own difficult breaths.

    Depression   Self   Two  
  • As coercive monopolies that spend other people's money taken by force, governments are uniquely unqualified to solve problems. They are riddled by ignorance, perverse incentives, incompetence and are self-serving.

    "Don't Look to Government to Cool Down the Planet". November 14, 2007.
  • When we are motivated by compassion and wisdom, the results of our actions benefit everyone, not just our individual selves or some immediate convenience. When we are able to recognize and forgive ignorant actions of the past, we gain strength to constructively solve the problems of the present.

    Life   Spiritual   Past  
  • I think a lot of American poets are swimming-pool Soviets. A lot of them have taken the comfortable, self-protective route too often. I know that I certainly have. That's easy to do.

    Interview with Anne-Marie Cusac, March 31, 2003.
  • Self-government can succeed only through an instructed electorate.

    Herbert Hoover (1934). “The State Papers and Other Public Writings of Herbert Hoover”
  • I didn't learn for years that you generally find your Self after you quit looking for it.

    Self   Years   Quitting  
    Peg Bracken (1996). “On Getting Old for the First Time”, Bookpartners
  • Meditation is to attain to a no-mindness, to a state of no-thought. In that opening of no-thought, in that kind of space, suddenly you become pure, innocent, uncorrupted. You have never been like that before nobody has ever been like that before nobody is going to be like that again. Unique. And to know that is to realize one's self. To know that is to know all. If you have not known that, whatsoever else you know is just rubbish, garbage.

    Unique   Self   Space  
  • As for myself and for the Secretary of State and others involved, including those in the Legislature, we stand ready to do anything, to meet with anyone, anywhere, as long as we may do so in self-respect, demanding the respect due this Nation, and there is any slightest idea or chance of furthering this great cause of peace.

    Peace   Ideas   Self  
  • The mind of one meditating on a single object becomes one-pointed. And one-pointedness of mind leads to abidance in the self. Real attainment is to be fully conscious, to be aware of surroundings and the people around, to move among them all, but not to merge consciousness in the environment. One should remain in inner independent awareness.

    Real   Moving   Yoga  
  • It is the hardest thing in the world to be a good thinker without being a good self examiner.

    Self   World   Thinker  
  • When someone kisses someone or flushes the toilet it is my other who sits in a ball and cries. My other beats a tin drum in my heart. My other hangs up laundry as I try to sleep. My other cries and cries and cries when I put on a cocktail dress.

    Sleep   Heart   Kissing  
    Anne Sexton, “The Other”
  • We can build influence by self promotion, but God will only promote those who do not promote themselves. That which is built on self-promotion will have to be maintained by human striving. Those who allow God to build the house have taken a yoke that is easy and a burden that is light.

    Christian   Taken   Self  
  • Every war, when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.

    Peace   War   Ubuntu  
    George Orwell's review of the book "The Men I Killed" by Brigadier-General F. P. Crozier in "New Statesman and Nation", August 28, 1937.
  • Stop spending so much time trying to prove what you already know to people who don't really matter. It just makes you look insecure and lacking self-confidence.

  • Perceiving your own voice means perceiving your true self or nature. When you and the sound become one, you dont hear the sound; you are the sound.

    Mean   Self   Voice  
  • Inspiration? - a hoax fabricated by poets for their self-importance.

  • The Fremen were supreme in that quality the ancients called "spannungsbogen" -- which is the self-imposed delay between desire for a thing and the act of reaching out to grasp that thing.

    Self   Desire   Quality  
    Frank Herbert (2003). “Dune”, p.253, Penguin
  • Never lose your self-respect, nor be too familiar with yourself when you are alone. Let your integrity itself be your own standard of rectitude, and be more indebted to the severity of your own judgment of yourself than to all external percepts. Desist from unseemly conduct, rather out of respect for your own virtue than for the strictures of external authority.

  • The size of your accomplishments, the quality of your achievement, will depend very largely on how big a man you see in yourself, what sort of image you get of your possible self, yourself at your best.

    Men   Self   Vision  
  • I did a film that I shot in 24 hours that was self-financed for $5,000. It was a feature called Looking For Jimmy that I shot with a bunch of friends. I spent eight months editing because we had 24 hours of footage that made no sense and I learned a lot about directing while editing that film.

    Eight   Editing   Self  
    "Julie Delpy: Male Directors Have Stolen My Ideas". Interview with Emily Zemler, March 22, 2016.
  • The real essence of art turned out to be not something high up and far off - it was right inside my ordinary daily self - If a musician wants to become a finer artist, he must first become a finer person.

    Art   Real   Self  
    Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, Waltraud Suzuki (1983). “Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education”, p.82, Alfred Music
  • Show people your stuff, listen carefully to their responses, but ultimately don't value anyone's opinion above your own. Be influenced by writers you dislike as well as writers you like. Read their stuff to figure out what's wrong. Find a balance between the confidence that allows you continue, and the self-critical facility that enables you to improve. Get the balance wrong on either side, and you're screwed.

    Writing   Self   People  
  • When I say the grace of wildness, what I mean is its autonomy, its self-possession, the fact that it has nothing to do with us. The grace is in the separation, the distance, the sense of a self-sustaining way of life.

    Distance   Mean   Self  
    Verlyn Klinkenborg (2013). “More Scenes from the Rural Life”, p.81, Princeton Architectural Press
  • If I could do my life over, I would try to cleanse at least my pleasures of self-pity.

    Self   Trying   Pity  
  • I didn't have a job because nobody would hire me. My friends were getting hired, and I couldn't even get a job interview. That really rocked my self-esteem because I didn't understand what I did wrong on those job applications.

    "What Was Tyra Banks Like at 17?". Interview with Neha Gandhi, September 9, 2011.
  • My feeling is that I think writers in general tend to be self-conscious and it takes a bit of a leap of faith or just not giving a sh-t to write something you know people are going to criticize.

    Writing   Thinking   Self  
    "Desaparecidos' Conor Oberst: We're perfectly prepared for people to hate what we're saying". Interview with Jessica Goodman, July 07, 2015.
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