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  • I don't mind what the role is at all; I just want to play cool characters.

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  • If you talk to any actor, they'll tell you that working is the best thing.

  • The more work I do and the more I put myself out there publicity-wise, it's gonna be less and less chances of me being able to just walk around without being noticed.

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  • I like the fact that I can do stunts, but I don't think of myself as a stunt guy. Those guys are really good at what they do.

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  • I would love to work on a Bond film.

  • It's tough, you know, when you're thin and you don't put on muscle mass that easily. What you've got to remember is that you really have to eat a lot and you have to work your body out with basic exercises like deadlifts and squats and the bench press - the workouts that are basic in form but work a large group of muscles.

    "Daniel Cudmore Interview by Meg Brown". AskMen Interview, www.askmen.com.
  • If you look at all the vampires in the past, they were sort of decrepit old men. Stephanie Meyers just made it for a new audience. All the vampires are now young men and she describes them as not being ugly.

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    "Twilight Q&A: Daniel Cudmore". Interview with Rebecca Cox, www.glamourmagazine.co.uk. October 12, 2012.
  • If I can stay constantly busy, I'll be happy.

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  • I think people get intimidated, and they think results should happen right away. Like I said earlier, the body can only change so fast, and so when you're doing it right you just have to keep at it and keep up with a balanced program.

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    "Daniel Cudmore Interview by Meg Brown". AskMen Interview, www.askmen.com.
  • I seem to be able to just sort of sink and slide under the radar, which is nice.

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  • I think it's easy to forget just how massive the muscles in the legs are, and how much testosterone is released in your body when you make sure you work your legs hard. Some people's bodies just take a long time to grow, and if you're naturally thin there's no cheating. It takes time. Your body will only grow muscle at a certain rate for your genetics, so take your time and keep at it.

    "Daniel Cudmore Interview by Meg Brown". AskMen Interview, www.askmen.com.
  • I started drama in high school.

  • People always talk about how diet is such a massive part of training, but they think that if they cheat all the time they can somehow out-do the damage in the gym. The key is to keep it balanced and stay on the diet and do the hard work, and when you push through your body will really start to respond.

    "Daniel Cudmore Interview by Meg Brown". AskMen Interview, www.askmen.com.
  • I know what it's like to have an inflated libido.

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  • I really tried to work out hard to emulate the look and feel of the character, and did my best to represent the great artists that created him. At the same time, as an actor you have to find what you relate to in the character and make it your own, and hopefully people respond to it.

    Source: me.askmen.com
  • When things could've gone really bad, rugby caught my interest and I really stuck with it. The sport brought me, maybe off the streets where we'd be fighting, into putting in a good effort in the rugby field where you're kind of rewarded for that rough behaviour instead of in trouble with the law.

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  • Well in the comic book world, I think the Hulk is the strongest, but I think I'd give him a heck of a fight!

    "Daniel Cudmore Interview by Meg Brown". AskMen Interview, www.askmen.com.
  • Anything that involves the outdoors I'm all about, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, wakesurfing to mountain-biking. Anything that gets me outside.

  • I eat pretty clean, but the training is tiring. When you're training two times a day it can be really draining, so I'd rather stick with the diet.

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    Source: me.askmen.com
  • Think of how many mistakes you made at 22 years old. Like, I made a million.

    "Kristen Stewart Cheats on Robert Pattinson: Her Twilight Costars Forgive Her". Interview with Nicole Eggenberger, www.usmagazine.com. November 1, 2012.
  • I wasn't a huge fan of the comic book, but I definitely was of the cartoon series. I wasn't much for sitting around and reading as a kid, I preferred to be outside running around and playing sports, but I was absolutely thrilled to get the role of Colossus. I don't think I realised how popular the character was until I got the role and started doing some research; it was then that I really fell in love with the character of Colossus myself.

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    Source: me.askmen.com
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