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  • Three marital bonds exist: Karmic, Dharmic and Cosmic. The first are of pain, misery, hunger, nakedness, disgrace. The second are of success, bliss, love, financial progress, etc. The third are only for the select, pure and holy souls and bring inexhaustible happiness.

    Pain   Soul   Progress  
  • As long as you are free, you are free to select and choose alternatives, provided that you are willing to accept the responsibility for being free. And after you've tried your alternatives, and they don't work as you would wish, don't blame me. Blame your choice. Try another alternative.

  • I don't deliberately select my friends because of their background. If I enjoy someone's company, then that's all that counts. I have many different friends who aren't from the same background as me and we get on really wellit's brilliant.

  • Since natural selection requires a function to select, an irreducibly complex biological system, if there is such a thing, would have to arise as an integrated unit for natural selection to have anything to act on.

    Natural   Select   Arise  
  • People seldom tell the truths that are worth telling. We ought to choose our truths as carefully as we choose our lies and to select our virtues with as much thought as we bestow upon the selection of our enemies.

    Lying   People   Enemy  
    Oscar Wilde (2007). “Epigrams of Oscar Wilde”, p.197, Wordsworth Editions
  • A wise man's kingdom is his own breast: or, if he ever looks farther, it will only be to the judgment of a select few, who are free from prejudices, and capable of examining his work. Nothing indeed can be a stronger presumption of falsehood than the approbation of the multitude; and Phocion, you know, always suspected himself of some blunder when he was attended with the applauses of the populace.

    Wise   Men   Stronger  
    David Hume, J. Y. T. Greig (2011). “The Letters of David Hume: 1727-1765”, p.305, Oxford University Press, USA
  • If we are to achieve long-range goals, we must learn to set up and accomplish short-range goals that will move us along the way. If we do not consciously select our goals, we may be controlled by goals not of our own choosing - goals imposed by outside pressures (such as the expectations of others) or by our habits (such as procrastination) or by our desire for the approval of the world.

  • So when Community came up and then the movie roles started happening I was very grateful. I am trying to be careful with the movie roles I select because if you pull the trigger too quickly, like choosing a lead role in a crappy movie then you will be put in movie jail and you will never be heard from again. If it's not a big hit you'll be forgotten pretty fast.

    "Tribute talks to Spy Kids star Joel McHale". Interview with Alexandra Heilbron, August 8, 2011.
  • Men's minds must be free, and that means the minds of all, not the minds of a select few.

    Mean   Men   Intellectual  
  • It is too much for a husband to have a wife who is a coquette and sanctimonious as well; she should select only one of those qualities.

    Husband   Wife   Quality  
  • Explorers like to pretend that they are a select breed of people with iron nerve and an ability to endure terrible hardship.

    Iron   People   Nerves  
  • I think what inspires me is in a constant state of's easier to stick to photographers and perhaps cinematographers, though the great medieval, Mannerist, and Baroque painters of Italian, Spanish, Flemish, and German origin are a constant source of inspiration, along with select modernists like Dali.

  • The United States is such a potent political, cultural, and economic model in the evocation of the contemporary world, that to come here, select some elements from the prototype and rearrange them, that's really interesting artistically.

  • The appointment of senators by the state legislatures . . . is recommended by the double advantage of favoring a select appointment, and of giving to the state governments such an agency in the formation of the federal government, as must secure the authority of the former.

    James Madison, Ralph Ketcham “Selected Writings of James Madison”, Hackett Publishing
  • The Free Exercise Clause protects the individual from any coercive measure that encourages him toward one faith or creed, discourages him from another, or makes it prudent or desirable for him to select one and embrace it.

  • A love of reading encompasses the whole of life: information, knowledge, insight and understanding, pleasure; the power to think, to select, to act, to create - all of these are inherent in a love of reading.

    Book   Reading   Thinking  
    Frances Clarke Sayers, Marjeanne Jensen Blinn (1965). “Summoned by Books: Essays and Speeches by Frances Clarke Sayers”, New York : Viking Press
  • Holiness is not just for some select few spiritual giants; it is not just for pious people who sit around all day with nothing to do but “be holy.”... “Everyone who names the name of the Lord” is called to live a holy life!

    Nancy Leigh DeMoss (2008). “Holiness: The Heart God Purifies”, p.33, Moody Publishers
  • Punishment as punishment is not admissible unless the offender has had the freewill to select his course.

    "The Story of My Life".
  • Living in an entirely different physical as well as biotic environment, such a population would have unique opportunities to enter new niches and to select novel adaptive pathways.

    Ernst Mayr (1988). “Toward a New Philosophy of Biology: Observations of an Evolutionist”, Harvard University Press
  • Americans have a taste for…rocking-chairs. A flippant critic might suggest that they select rocking-chairs so that, even when they are sitting down, they need not be sitting still. Something of this restlessness in the race may really be involved in the matter; but I think the deeper significance of the rocking-chair may still be found in the deeper symbolism of the rocking-horse. I think there is behind all this fresh and facile use of wood a certain spirit that is childish in the good sense of the word; something that is innocent, and easily pleased.

    Horse   Thinking   Race  
  • Our nation will prosper or decline in direct proportion to our selection of leaders who are guided by the Holy Spirit. If we fail to select Godly leaders our destiny will surely be as that of the Roman Empire.

    Godly   Destiny   Leader  
  • As supportive as my hometown is, in my high school, there are people who would probably walk up to me and punch me in the face. There's a select few that will never like me. They don't like what I stand for. They don't like somebody who stands for being sober, who stands for anything happy. They're going to be negative no matter what.

  • Space is for everybody. It's not just for a few people in science or math, or for a select group of astronauts. That's our new frontier out there, and it's everybody's business to know about space.

    Math   Space   People  
  • We often marvel at how introverted, geeky, kid 'blossom' into secure and happy adults. We liken it to a metamorphosis. However, maybe it's not the children who change but their environments. As adults they get to select the careers, spouses, and social circles that suit them. They don't have to live in whatever culture they'er plunked into.

    Children   Kids   Circles  
    Susan Cain (2012). “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking”, p.253, Broadway Books
  • I am determined to elect a president of our choosing this year and one who will be deeply indebted, and who will recognize his indebtedness. Since I am willing to go beyond all limitations on this, I think we should be able to select a candidate and a party who knows the facts of political life....If we select Nixon, then he, I know for sure knows the facts of life.

    Party   Thinking   Years  
  • My experience enables me to select the very best pilots in the market.

    Pilots   Select  
  • I planted some jokes in my wedding. Like, the organizers asked me to select music. So when I approached wife at the ceremony, they played the second movement from Shostakovich's 10th Symphony, which is usually known as the "portrait of Stalin." And then when we embraced, the music that they played was Schubert's "Death and the Maiden." I enjoyed this in a childish way! But marriage was all a nightmare and so on and so on.

    Symphony   Wife   Way  
  • Adam Schiff, who is of course the ranking member on the House Select Committee said earlier today I`d be worried about an impulsive president with an impulsive national security adviser.

    House   President   Today  
  • The natural world is a package deal; you don't get to select which facts you like and which you don't.

    World   Facts   Natural  
  • The past is a rich resource on which we can draw in order to make decisions for the future, but it does not dictate our choices. We should look back at the past and select what is good, and leave behind what is bad.

    Past   Order   Choices  
    Nelson Mandela (2011). “Nelson Mandela By Himself: The Authorised Book of Quotations”, p.265, Pan Macmillan
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