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  • When I'm 80 and sitting in a rocking chair listening to the Rolling Stones, there is absolutely no way I'm going to feel old or forget my younger days.

  • In my younger days, I was trying to write sophisticated prose and fantastic stories.

  • The difference between now and when I played during my younger days is my drives are shorter and my short game is longer.

  • ... I think that I was too self-centered to ever develop good skills as a peacemaker. In my younger days, I assumed that it was because I was smarter than everyone else, with no patience for explaining things in short words for mouthbreathers who just didn't get it.

    Thinking   Self   Skills  
    Cory Doctorow (2015). “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”, p.75, Booklassic
  • Celebration is big for me. From my younger days, when I used to win mementos while playing basketball, I have always believed in sharing my success. It has to be there. It lifts the energy levels of the entire side if you are positive and vocal when a wicket falls.

  • In my younger days I struggled constantly with an overwhelming but pure love affair - my only one, and I would have struggled with it longer had not premature death, bitter but salutary for me, extinguished the cooling flames. I certainly wish I could say that I have always been entirely free from desires of the flesh, but I would be lying if I did.

    Lying   Flames   Desire  
  • In my younger days, when I was painted by the half-educated, loose and inaccurate ways women had, I used to say, "How much women need exact science" But since I have known some workers in science, I have now said, "How much science needs women"

    Science   Needs   Half  
  • If it seems like I've been lost in 'lets remember', If it seems I'm gettin' older and missin' my younger days, well you shoulda known me much better, cause the past is something that never got in my way.

    Past   Way   Causes  
  • I have to go back to my younger days, when I just adored Hollywood musicals.

  • I think I'm better than I was in my younger days, because I'm exploring deep lyrical material, and I've been sober for a while now.

  • I had a rule that I would never force the muse in my younger days. I would follow the feeling. I would just put the pen down and walk away, and wait for it to come back. But these days, I have a kid, I tour a lot, and I'm always short on time.

    Kids   Waiting   Feelings  
  • I'm more muscular than I was in my younger days. My biceps and shoulders, especially.

  • In my younger days, I used to pick up sluts, and I don't mean that nastily. It's more a term of endearment, really, for girls who know how to speak their minds.

    Girl   Mean   Mind  
  • I been doing the same things as in my younger days, when I was coming up, and now here I am, an old man, up there in the charts. And I say, well, what happened? Have they just thought up the real John Lee Hooker, is that it? And I think, well, I won't tell nobody else! I can't help but wonder what happened.

    Music   Real   Men  
  • Soon after I was born, my parents moved to the South Florida area, and I've lived here ever since (with a few years of living in both Portugal and Brazil in my younger days).

    Florida   Years   Parent  
  • In my younger days, I was arrogant - jail helped me to get rid of it. I did nothing but make enemies because of my arrogance.

    Jail   Arrogance   Enemy  
  • I never did have a team that I watched in my younger days

  • In his younger days a man dreams of possessing the heart of the woman whom he loves; later, the feeling that he possesses the heart of a woman may be enough to make him fall in love with her.

    Love   Dream   Fall  
    Marcel Proust (2016). “Swann's Way”, p.263, Marcel Proust
  • Enjoy that you can see me now. I would love to see the great Michael Jordan and Julius Erving in their younger days, but they're gone. Look at me at 50, I'm going to eat right and live right so I can take less punches and look normal.

    Work Out   Looks   Gone  
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