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  • Growing up in Northern Ontario provided me with a strong affinity for the natural environment that was so eloquently responded to by Tom Thomson and his colleagues. The concept of this painting grew out of a number of forays into Algonquin over the years. From its conception I intended Algonquin to be a subtle tribute to Tom Thomson. But I also wanted it to be a response to the natural beauty that so typifies the grandeur of Ontario’s first provincial park.

  • I hear voices. A shout. A laugh. Clay's laugh. I strained to see through the night. Fog had rolled in from Lake Ontario, but I could hear him laughing. The concrete turned to grass. The fog wasn't from the lake, but from a pond. Our pond. I was at Stonehaven, bounding through the back acres. Clay was running ahead of me.

    Running   Night   Lakes  
    Kelley Armstrong (2012). “Werewolves: Book One: Bitten, Stolen and Beginnings”, p.506, Vintage Canada
  • I was born in Darien, Connecticut, but in 1959, when I was four, my parents moved to the suburbs of Toronto. Then, in the late 1960s, they bought a cottage in a resort/trailer park in the Kawarthas region of Ontario, and we moved up there. I wrote a book about it in 2000 called 'Last Resort: Coming of Age in Cottage Country.

    Country   Book   Parent  
  • Thanks to the FedDev Ontario funding we were able to get a number of key initiatives underway to mitigate the potential negative economic impact of the Heinz closure. With this additional funding we will continue to be in high gear within the food processing sector to continue with business retention, expansion and attraction activities in the Windsor-Essex region.

    Numbers   Impact   Keys  
  • We are very grateful for what the Ontario provincial government is doing, and for cooperation from provincial and local police forces all across Canada.

  • Ontario’s colleges and universities offer our young people life-changing opportunities. With an education, you can go anywhere and do anything. I am so impressed with the way our postsecondary students are engaging in their communities, and I am inspired by their hope and optimism. They are not the leaders of tomorrow – they are leaders today.

  • Ontario's gas tax rebates and infrastructure programs help create sustainable transit to improve quality of life for Ottawa residents with significant environmental benefits.

  • Ontario's auto sector is a cornerstone of our economy - a key source of our ability to export, innovate and create jobs. In this highly competitive global economy, we need to drive further investment and ensure the sector remains strong. I am confident that this new partnership, with Ray Tanguay's strategic advice and leadership, will allow Ontario to increase our competitiveness, productivity, and market share in the auto sector, and I look forward to their important work contributing to a more prosperous, innovative Ontario economy.

    Strong   Jobs   Keys  
  • There can be no return to prosperity while the government (of Ontario) believes that taking money from the people who have earned it and giving it away to the people who haven't, in exchange for their votes and regardless of merit, is the essence of fairness.

  • My great-grandfather, Sam Aykroyd, was a dentist in Kingston, Ontario, and he was also an Edwardian spiritualist researcher who was very interested in what was going on in the invisible world, the survival of the consciousness, precipitated paintings, mediumship, and trans-channeling.

    "Q&A: Dan Aykroyd Is Keeping Ghostbusters 3 Alive". Interview with Michael B. Dougherty, www.esquire.com. December 4, 2012.
  • Canada is like an old cow. The West feeds it. Ontario and Quebec milk it. And you can well imagine what it's doing in the Maritimes.

    "Personal Quotes/ Biography". www.imdb.com. June 29, 1983.
  • When I was planning Family Viewing, the Ontario Film Development Corporation came into existence.

    Interview with Ron Burnett, rburnett.squarespace.com.
  • FedDev Ontario's investment in the Glanworth Branch Library has enhanced this unique landmark into an accessible learning hub for local community members. When we improve facilities, we are strengthening our communities and building a prosperous southern Ontario.

  • I grew up in a really rural town, Stratford, Ontario, with 30,000 people. There's a big festival thrown in the town. A lot of people travel from all over the world to see it, and growing up, I actually used to busk on the street. I'd play my guitar, sing, and people would throw money in the case.

    Interview with Martha Stewart, www.interviewmagazine.com. July 13, 2015.
  • I dragged my wife from our honeymoon in Africa and landed her in Ontario, Canada, when it was -40 degrees.

    Wife   Ontario   Degrees  
    "Ryan Reynolds Talks Holding Blake Lively Captive and 'Grade-A Sh*t' Advice in Cannes" by Lindsay Miller, www.popsugar.com. May 16, 2014.
  • Getting lab results to child clinicians faster compliments our Action Plan for Health Care by helping more patients get the right care, at the right time. It's quite the achievement when over two million children across Ontario will experience better and more coordinated care thanks to the work being done by SickKids and eHealth Ontario.

  • Taking the politics out of setting the minimum wage provides fairness for workers and predictability for businesses. This legislation will also protect the most vulnerable workers and level the playing field for employers who play by the rules. These are the right steps to take; they will make Ontario a better place to work and run a business.

    Running   Play   Ontario  
  • A new era has dawned in Ontario; one where the air will be cleaner and the multiple costs of coal-fired generation have become a distant memory. Atikokan's successful conversion to biomass will put Ontario on the world map as a leader in using this sustainable fuel source for electricity production.

  • I was brought up in southwestern Ontario where we were taught that Canadian patriotism should not withstand anything more than a five-dollar-a-month wage differential. Anything more than that and you went to Detroit.

  • Erie, and Ontario, and Huron, and Superior, and Michigan possess an ocean-like expansiveness, with many of the ocean's noblest traits... they are swept by Borean and dismasting blasts as direful as any that lash the salted wave; they know what shipwrecks are, for out of sight of land, however inland, they have drowned full many a midnight ship with all its shrieking crew.

    Ocean   Sight   Land  
    Herman Melville (2006). “Moby Dick the Whale Volume I EasyRead Ed”, p.344, ReadHowYouWant.com
  • The people of Ontario have a right to know how their dollars are being spent. Ontario has the leanest government in Canada while still providing high-quality public services that people can rely on. Today, we are releasing the 2014 Public Sector Salary Disclosure list as part of our government's commitment to be the most open and transparent government in the country.

  • I am very pleased to see this project moving ahead. The Hamilton Airport serves as an international gateway to south-western Ontario. This new facility will allow the airport to expand its air cargo business and help strengthen the local economy. This is another example of Ontario's commitment to public infrastructure that contributes to long-term growth for the region.

  • By the time I was 13, I was the only one in London, Ontario, who knew how to play rock n' roll.

    Rocks   Play   Ontario  
  • Being a mixed-blood person of Ojibway and European ancestry, I always found that I only heard one side of the story - that was the conquerers' side, the side of the French Jesuit missionaries that came to live in what is now Ontario.

    Blood   Ontario   Stories  
    Source: therumpus.net
  • I did some professional radio acting as a teenager, and I essentially put myself through college with radio acting in Montreal. When I graduated, I got jobs in professional theatres, repertory, and stock theatres in Canada for a couple of years. And then I went to Stratford, Ontario, where I spent three years with a Shakespeare company. We took a classical play from Stratford to New York City, and I got some good notices there and essentially stayed and did live television. And that brings you to the beginning of filming.

    New York   Jobs   Couple  
    Source: www.avclub.com
  • The foundation of Ontario's economy is our skilled workers and innovative companies. Our government will continue its proactive approach to partnering with business and industry, investing strategically to help companies grow and create jobs in this period of economic uncertainty.

  • As a kid growing up in the little city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, I dreamed of one day playing in the NHL, but never did I expect it to be as much fun as it turned out to be.

    Growing Up   Fun   Kids  
  • Our government is pleased to welcome MANA to Ontario, and were thrilled to announce renewed steel production and workers back on the job in Hamilton. Global leaders such as MANA choose to invest in Ontario because of our competitive business environment, skilled workforce and focus on innovation.

  • The United States trades more with the province of Ontario alone than with Japan.

  • I toured Ontario in the winter of '48, in a touring company of The Drunkard, in which I played the bartender.

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