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  • Do no harmful actions, do not become attached to the cycle of death and rebirth, show kindness, respect the old and have compassion for the young, do not have a heart that rejects or a heart that covets and have no worry or sadness in your heart. This is what is called enlightenment. Do not seek it elsewhere.

  • When the human organism is discharging its negative experience efficiently, the mind is empty of past or future concerns; there is no worry, anticipation, or regret. This means that the mind is left open to Being, the simplest state of awareness.

    Deepak Chopra (2007). “The Essential Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Essence of the Quantum Alternative to Growing Old”, p.114, Harmony
  • If I look upon my whole life, I cannot think of another time when I felt more comfortable: when I had no worries, fears, or desires, when my life seemed as soft and lovely as lying inside a cocoon of rose silk.

    Lying   Thinking   Worry  
    Amy Tan (2006). “The Joy Luck Club”, p.227, Penguin
  • Many axes are being kept under cover, waiting in ambush, ready to pounce, when we resign. Have no worries. We will deliver this homeland to you perfectly clean, as it was in Atatürk's time.

    Axes   Worry   Waiting  
    "TURKEY: Strong Army Medicine". December 08, 1980.
  • When you live on Cold Mountain long enough the autumns pass quickly When you live alone you have no worries When you leave the doors open no one bothers you The bubbling stream runs forever In the cave a clay pot boils over a fire on the ground A wandering breeze stirs the fragrant pines When hungry I eat one simple meal And lean against the rock in complete harmony

    Running   Autumn   Simple  
  • Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.

    Corrie Ten Boom (1985). “Jesus is Victor”, Fleming H Revell Company
  • If a man has no worries about himself at all for the sake of love toward God and the working of good deeds, knowing that God is taking care of him, this is a true and wise hope. But if a man takes care of his own business and turns to God in prayer only when misfortunes come upon him which are beyond his power, and then he begins to hope in God, such a hope is vain and false. A true hope seeks only the Kingdom of God... the heart can have no peace until it obtains such a hope. This hope pacifies the heart and produces joy within it.

  • Donald Trump's hairpiece has reportedly narrowed its list of running partners down to Don King, Kramer, William Shatner, Dolly Parton and Phil Spector, and has no worries about being upstaged.

    Running   Kings   Worry  
  • Actors, movie stars, rock stars, I can meet them with no worries - but with footballers I go weak at the knees. All of them.

    Stars   Rocks   Worry  
    "Biography/Personal Quotes".
  • No worries, Atticus. I will snarf surreptitiously. And I should get bacon, because my adverb was two syllables longer than yours, plus a bonus for alliteration." I grinned. "It's a deal. You're the best hound ever.

    Two   Worry   Bonus  
    Kevin Hearne (2014). “The Iron Druid Chronicles 6-Book Bundle: Hounded, Hexed, Hammered, Tricked, Trapped, Hunted”, p.911, Del Rey
  • No one's hurt is too small, no worry too removed, no blessing so elusive that it cannot be seen by the eyes in the back of the human heart.

    Hurt   Heart   Eye  
    Jerry Spinelli, Eileen Spinelli (2014). “Today I Will”, Knopf Books for Young Readers
  • Dear me! how happy and good we'd be, if we had no worries!

    Worry   No Worries   Dear  
    J. M. Barrie, Charles Dickens, Johanna Spyri, Louisa May Alcott, L. Frank Baum (2015). “Greatest Christmas Novels in One Volume: Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Heidi, The Romance of a Christmas Card, The Little City of Hope, The Wonderful Life, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, Little Lord Fauntleroy, Peter Pan…”, p.558, e-artnow
  • A Chief must show no fear, no worry... A Chief is a leader first, and a man second.

    Men   Worry   Leader  
    Cressida Cowell (2017). “How To Train Your Dragon: How to Steal a Dragon's Sword”, p.62, Hachette UK
  • Without memory there are no worries.

  • Each training session I'm getting better and better. I have no other duties now, no worries, it's all about training, eating and sleeping. I have a lot more time and can put a lot more effort into training. I'm feeling better every day. As long as I'm feeling myself I'm definitely in no doubt I can go to the Olympics and win.

    "Usain Bolt: 'Legends have come before me, but this is my time'" by Donald McRae, July 24, 2012.
  • I think about my family first. I want my family to not want for anything. I would like to make sure they have no worries.

    Thinking   Nfl   Worry  
  • The whole of existence is dancing, except man. The whole of existence is in a very relaxed movement; movement there is, certainly, but it is utterly relaxed. Trees are growing and birds are chirping and rivers are flowing, stars are moving: everything is going in a very relaxed way. No hurry, no haste, no worry, and no waste. Except man. Man has fallen a victim of his mind.

    Stars   Moving   Men  
  • Easiest job in the world of course, Australian psychiatrist, "Gday Gday how you doing no worries next".

    Funny   Jobs   Humor  
  • I'm always looking for that place, you know, where there's no rednecks, that place where people get along, and I never find it. I went to Australia, right, and I thought Australia was gonna be a groovy, surfnoid, smoke-a-joint wombat, you know? 'G'day mate!' 'No worries!' And it's like Arkansas with a beach. It's a whole country with a 'No Fat Chicks' sticker on it.

    Country   Beach   Redneck  
  • No worry before its time.

    Ellen J. Langer (2009). “Counterclockwise: Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility”, p.182, Ballantine Books
  • It is easy enough to tell the poor to accept their poverty as Gods will when you yourself have warm clothes and plenty of food and medical care and a roof over your head and no worry about the rent. But if you want them to believe youtry to share some of their poverty and see if you can accept it as Gods will yourself!

    Thomas Merton (2007). “New Seeds of Contemplation”, p.179, New Directions Publishing
  • When you're young you have no worries, no drama, only your imagination. It's the best!

  • The Australians, it seems to me, thrive on their remoteness from the world and see it as a way of keeping up a code of "No worries, mate," while peddling their oddities to visitors: nonconformity is at once a fact of life for many, and a selling point.

    Oddities   Worry   World  
  • One thing I have no worry about is whether God exists. But it has occurred to me that God has Alzheimer's and has forgotten we exist.

  • Despite my best efforts I’ve seen you naked before – doesn’t do much for me so no worries.

    Stephenie Meyer (2009). “Breaking Dawn: Twilight”, p.156, Hachette UK
  • Gareth turned to Gregory. “Your sister will be safe with me,” he said. “I give you my vow.” “Oh, I have no worries on that score,” Gregory said with a bland smile. “The real question is—will you be safe with her?” It was a good thing, Gareth later reflected, that Hyacinth had already quit the room to fetch her coat and her maid. She probably would have killed her brother on the spot.

    Brother   Real   Giving  
  • I always think that art is one of the most wonderful exciting curious ways to learn. I have no worries or apologies about art being used as a teaching medium.

    Art   Teaching   Apology  
    "Rome Interview: Peter Greenaway On ‘Goltzius And The Pelican Company,’ Sergei Eisenstein, 3D & The Future Of Cinema" by Jessica Kiang, November 19, 2012.
  • I wanted to dissolve into the floor, mixing myself with the hard stone. A stone had a single purpose: to be. No complicated promises, no worries and no feelings.

    Maria V. Snyder (2012). “Magic Study”, p.181, Harlequin
  • We are musicians, entertainers. We can do it. We have the right tools. No worries.

    Worry   Musician   Tools  
    "The Who goes on after Entwistle death", July 1, 2002.
  • When you're really working well with a director then you can be as outrageous as you like and so can he. And there's no worry about it.

    Interview with Geoff Andrew, April 27, 2000.
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